Monday, December 16, 2013

Boohoo for real | Rant

I have been toying with writing this post for almost two weeks and I wasn't going to, I don't set out to slate companies but I was and am so disappointed with the level of customer service I received I decided to share my feelings.

About 3 weeks ago I set out looking for an outfit to wear to my Christmas party. I trolled shops and the internet in search and found a very promising one on Boohoo. A classic black dress, three quarter sleeves and a little bit of a slit. Saying that it was promising is a bit of an understatement really. I was so in love with it. It would have been perfect and so easy to dress up. Hallelujah it was there in my size too - or so I thought!

I popped a pair of hounds tooth heels into my basket and placed my order. It was a Sunday night and Boohoo advise that you will have you're delivery within 2-3 working days. So I thought Thursday or Friday at the very latest. I have ordered from the site before and have never had a problem.

Thursday came and went and I had been checking my online account daily only to be told it had been "dispatched". Friday night I was getting tired of waiting so I tweeted my disappointment and got an almost immediate response from what I thought at the time was a very helpful 'here to help' staff member delighted after DM-ing her for a while she told me it should be with me early the following week. That was good enough for me, my mind was at ease.

Sunday evening I received an email telling me that part of my order - My beloved dress had been cancelled. No explanation, no apology - NOTHING! If my order, or part of my order was out of stock, while speaking with a Boohoo representative why was I not told? If the dress was out of stock at the time why was I able to order it?

I was absolutely disgusted to think a week after placing my order all I got was a system generated email. Surely during any of the 5 working days after ordering it someone could have been in contact with me. It really has put me off ordering from them again and I know I'm not alone in feeling the same way. If you offer good customer service I will praise you to no end. Whether the news you give me is what I want to hear or not. It takes all of about 1 minute to write an email or to look into an order placed in good faith.

Boohoo is quite a fitting name for the company after my most recent experience with them. I say this because I work in customer service myself and I know that honesty will get you a lot further with your customers than empty promises will. They let me down, but more importantly they have let themselves down.

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