Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cocoa Brown's Pink Party

You're probably blue in the face from listening to me harp on about the Cocoa Brown Christmas Party at this stage between Facebook and twitter over the past few days but guess what!? I'm about to harp on another bit! 

I headed off to Dublin on Monday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to do some damage with my plastic before Christmas and was going to the very exclusive Residence Members Club that evening to celebrate the Massive success for the Cocoa Brown Franchise over the past twelve months.

I stayed in The Morgan Hotel in Fleet Street by Temple Bar. It is the most amazing Boutique hotel and it is right in the centre of everything - 4 stars isn't enough to do it justice. The staff were absolutely amazing, so helpful and friendly. I could really get used being greeted as "Ms. McCarthy" every time I passed one of them. The service was over and above anything I could have expected and I will most certainly be returning in the near future! 

Here are just a few snaps of my room..

After dropping my stuff off in the room I headed out to a bit of shopping, grabbed some lunch and of course I had to stop off in Starbucks for a compulsory cup of coffee. It's such a novelty as there is no "real" Starbucks in Cork just yet. 

After that it was a mad tear back to the hotel to get ready and off out the door again. Last night's Soiree was held in the very exclusive Residence Members Club in Stephens Green.

 We were greeted by name, handed glasses of Pink Punch and had our photos taken by a professional photographer. I felt like a real VIP.
 Everywhere you looked and everything you touched was pink and glittery. Bottles of Tan adorned every table and counter in sight.  I was and still am starstruck after the night. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd be in the same room as the likes of Rosanna Davison or Amanda Brunker. 

The attention to detail and treats were really and truly out of this world. The Carter Beauty Team were on hand giving beautiful Cocoa Brown Manicure's and there was goodie bags for everyone who attended.

Half way through the night Marissa made a beautiful heartfelt speech thanking everyone for their continued support of the brand. So grateful and so modest she truly deserves every success in the business. She is such a role model for up and coming entrepreneurs.

 A few snaps from the night..

Myself and Marissa
(Excuse the blurriness I haven't figured out the camera on my new phone just yet)

Cake pops - if Heaven had a taste, this is undoubtedly it!

 A Giant cake version of the Original 1hr Tan

Pink Punch

Cocoa Brown Stick on Nails by @iNailz an up and coming Company. You can literally get anything you want printed on them. Thanks a Million to Wendy for giving me a pack of the nails to take away.

The Carter Beauty Team giving Pink Manicures

Just some of the sweeties we were treated to :)

The new Travel size version of the Original 1hr tan - How cute is that bottle?

And last but by no means least look what I had to travel all the way to Dublin for!! I finally got my hands on the Chocolate Whip Moisturiser. It's like gold dust arround here!!

 I had such an amazing night and it was so nice to catch up with some of the beauty bloggers I met at the last event and of course to meeting a few new ones. I'm looking forward to the next event already :) 

I'm off to bed now, The cobblestones of Temple Bar have gotten the better of me and my poor feet and its back to reality tomorrow unfortunately back to work and tomorrow is my Monday - Ugh!


Breda O'Brien said...

i saw the cake and cake pops on Cakefield Avenue's page, she makes THE most amazing cakes. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cakefield-Avenue/398120736899401?ref=br_rs

Marian Mc said...

The giant can cake looks amazing and the cakepops too - well done Cakefield Avenue you really are the Cakepop Queen!

GiveAPosy said...

The Cake Pops were like Heaven on Earth!! Luckily for me everyone else thought the same or else I would have eaten them all myself!!

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