Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bronze. Glow. Blush.

I feel like Urban Decay just get us pale girls, they know what we want and they always produce the goods. Another thing they get is palettes. This knowledge combined has lead to what I believe to be my favourite makeup product this year to date and in ten months that's quite the achievement.
 I'm talking about the original Naked Flushed Palette in 'Naked'. A medium, warmed toned satin bronzer teamed with a rose hued highlight and a plumy pink blush. While I don't often opt for pink tones, preferring more neutral colours for my cheeks normally I'm quite surprised by how much I find using the blush colour in this compact, a lot of it being down to the convenience of the palette and the fact the it is a deeper almost berry toned shade, I feel it's more wearable than most, very unoffensive and it will in suit most complexions. It's perfect for this time of year paired with a dark lip.
The compact similar in both style and size to that of the Naked Basics palette comes with a large mirror and what I can only describe as the most satisfying magnetic snap when you close it. 
The pigmentation as with all things Urban Decay is superb, second to none in fact. A little goes a long way and you can of course build up the colour to your hearts desire. The powders themselves are so finely milled that no matter how opaque you apply them you won't end up looking cakey and your chiseled cheekbones will be the envy of all your friends.
This palette is perfect for travel, not only do you have the convenience of having your contour, highlight and blush in a neat little compact but the highlight shade is perfect lazy days as it double as a single shade eye shadow. The packaging makes it very durable so will survive a few knocks and bumps without shattering.
Its quite affordable too, it is priced at €29 which when you consider you're getting 3 highly pigmented products it is nothing short of a bargain. I picked mine up in DebenhamsWith just 10 weeks left til Christmas, it would make a great gift, one I'd gladly receive. The 'Strip' palette is next on my hit list (mom in case you're reading this).

Have you tried any of the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palettes? Would you recommend trying any of the other three?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté | Review

Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite season; chunky knits, endless cups of tea and roaring fires - pure bliss! While it's all very exciting initially, the reality of this season, with its onslaught of harsh winds and artificial heat is the havoc it wreaks on my already dry skin.
Dry, tight and weather-beaten are just a few adjectives I would use to describe my skin this time of year, that was until I discovered this mask. Throughout the year, I use it once a week, bumping it up to three times a week this time of year and my skin is loving me for it.
Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté is described as a "rescue treatment" and it really could not be anymore accurate. It is concocted with a blend of plant milks and white blossoms, providing intensive moisturisation for even the driest skin, soothing skin irritation instantly (including sun and wind burn) while leaving your skin looking plump and radiant.
You are recommended to apply it liberally, leave for 10 minutes and either massage the remnants into your skin or wipe away with cotton pads but my skin drinks this stuff up so I don't have to faff around with it. I use it at night time when I'm getting ready for bed and it soaks in without leaving my skin feeling greasy.
Like all things Nuxe is smells incredible, you can thank the Orange Blossom for that and while potent it doesn't aggravate the skin like a lot of perfumed skincare does. I happen to find it particularly effective on the dry, flaking skin you get around your nose that comes with the cold and flu season. 

I've yet to come across a Nuxe product that I don't love but this? This is the cream of the crop! (Do you like what I did there?)

It is priced at €21 and is available from stock-lists throughout Ireland and the UK.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mondss: Your sweaty saviour? | Review*

I have to say, of all the products I've tried over the years these are definitely up there with the ones I've been most skeptical about.  They have received so much media attention since their initial release that when Jane contacted me, I simply could not turn down the opportunity to give them a go. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I would have gone out and bought them of my own accord.
What are Mondss?
In a nutshell, Mondss are adhesive underarm patches designed to lock in odour while absorbing perspiration so you can “wear the clothes you love” without the fear of being left with sweat patches.
Now I wouldn't say I was excessively sweaty, however in high pressure situations whether it’s a job interview or an event - especially when meeting new people like a lot of you, I perspire more. This combined with my love of fake tan can be disastrous. As if sweat patches alone weren't bad enough, imagine orange marks under your arms? I’m cringing as I type.
Admittedly they feel a little weird when you first put them on, a bit like having giant plasters under your arms but you soon forget they are there at all. The neutral colour means they are almost invisible so don't have to worry about them being seen while wearing sheer blouses. They are so thin and contoured to sit comfortably under your arm. They move with you without losing their adhesive grip.
You can apply roll-on deodorant to the absorbent patch if you wish for added protect unfortunately roll-on deodorants irritate my underarms so as you can imagine I was quite apprehensive going without any deodorant while trialing them initially. 
I had warned a few of my colleagues I would be wearing them and would inconspicuously do a smell test throughout the day. To my surprise and delight, there was no odour, my underarms felt dry and fresh.
I have to say as skeptical as I was, I've been blown away by how well they work. I'll be in Australia for Christmas where temperatures will hit the high 30's on the daily so I'll definitely be stocking up on these bad boys for my trip. I'm really into shirts right now and Mondss will allow me to wear them confidently without having to worry about the dreaded sweat patches. 
What I will say is that while these patches work wonders for us ladies at controlling perspiration, I feel that the men of the world are missing out. The patches are a little small for  their underarms and for wedding speeches etc. I am certain Mondss for men would go down a treat. 
Mondss are available exclusively here from their website and are priced at €9.99 for 10 pieces (enough for 5 outings). 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove | Review

I have lusted after the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove for as long as I can remember. I constantly complain about what a trek having to clean my makeup brushes is but for a long time, I just couldn't justify the splurge (€34 to be exact). So when I saw that Cloud10beauty were offering a 15% discount a while back, I bit the bullet and bought it.

Now don't get me wrong, a rough sponge or the palm of your hand works fine but when you're washing 40 odd brushes, to say it is a tedious task is an understatement (your hands end up looking like prunes too!). 

The silicone mitt is dual sided - one for face brushes, the other for eye brushes. With a variety of different textures; wash, rinse and refine, it is designed to give your brushes a deep clean in no time at all. 
*Excuse how dirty it looks - I just used it*
Does it work? Yes. It has literally halved my brush cleaning time. You simply wet your brushes as normal, apply a small amount of brush cleaning solution or if you're like me baby shampoo to your mitt and swirl your brushes around the mitt. 
The different grooves make it easier to clean down into the base of the bristles, removing any and all product build up whether it be foundation or gel liner. Once you've finished shampooing your brushes, give them a good rinse and set them aside to dry. Et voila, they are like new the next morning.

While it was pricey, I see it as an investment and it will last forever, a must in any MUA's beauty arsenal in my opinion, it really does make one of my most despised tasks just that little bit more bearable and will save your so much time. 

The Sigma glove is priced at €33.95 and is available here.

However, if you're not quite ready to commit to it, Soap and Glory have brought out a similar product. While being advertised as a massage glove, I have no doubt it would work just as well and is priced at a mere €11. It is available here. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old Wives Tail - Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Mask | Review*

Much like my skin, I have very dry hair. So every Sunday, without fail I treat my hair to some much needed TLC with a deep conditioning hair mask. I mix it up from week to week, trying different brands from high-end to supermarket finds.

Now I'm the first to admit that outside of the weekly hair mask, my hair has taken a real beating over the years - It has been bleached, dyed and straightened within an inch of its life. I took the ultimate plunge back in January and chopped my hair up into a bob. The lengths and ends were saturated in permanent dye and it just hung around my face lifelessly. It was in my best interest at the time but now I'm bored of it, it's far frizzier and more flyaway since I cut it, I rarely let it down anymore and I want my long locks back.. I digress.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a mask from Old Wives Tail, an up and coming organic, handmade haircare brand. Their ethos, similar to that of the likes of Lush and The Body Shop means that they are against animal testing, they do not test on animals nor do they source their products from companies who do. Not only that but 10% of their profits actually go towards charities helping to prevent animal testing.

Some of you may or may not know that I actually suffer from Alopecia from time to time and should really steer clear of chemically laden hair products so knowing that these hair treatments were completely natural, free from parabens and sulfates won me over straight away.

The Mask I opted for after much consideration and discussing my haircare woes with the gorgeous Lily, the creator of OWT (the customer service is extraordinary and she went above and beyond her duties to ensure I chose the right product for me) was the Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

Let me start off by saying how amazing it smells, pepperminty (kinda like bullseye sweets). It lingers in your hair too so every so often you get a waft of it again - Ah-mazing! 

I've been using it for about six weeks now massaging a €2 coin sized amount into my dry hair focusing on the ends. I then wrap my head in clingfilm (attractive I know, you should have seen the snapchats) and leave it there for an hour or two and rinse it out with a double shampoo. The heat of your head will help the oils penetrate deep into the hair follicle nourishing your hair from the inside out.

From the first use you could see a difference, my hair was shiny and sleeker. Soft to the touch and did I mention the smell? Everything you'd want in a hair mask - great! What I've noticed since is the total lack of dandruff. Having changed nothing else in my haircare other than this mask, my scalp is completely clear, not a flake in sight. 

 It is all natural like I said and full of essential oils so it won't aggravate an already irritated scalp. It is made with a base of coconut oil which is know for its moisturising properties, I imagine it would work wonders at calming an itchy/dry scalp.

It is priced at €18.79 normally but is on offer at the moment for €12.53 and is available here. Definitely worth a try if you need a little hair hydration or if like me, you're looking to step away from those nasty chemicals.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lush UltraBland Cleanser | Review*

I love a challenge and after attending a blogger event in Lush on Oliver Plunkett street in Cork I decided to take them up on the challenge of re-balancing my skin using their UltraBland Cleanser. It is voted #1 Desert Island Product by the Lush founders and claims to re-balance the most problematic skin in just 1 month of use.

Having been a big fan of the brand for years, it might surprise you to know that this was in fact the first skincare product I have tried by them.
 I'm not going to say I was skeptical but in all honesty I wasn't 100% convinced by their claim either. Who would be? You'd look twice at the best known skincare brands in the business made if they made such a claim.

Let me start off by saying that it doesn't smell great, for want of a better description its a bit like stale beer. Unlike your typical cleanser this is an emulsifying cleanser so it is quite thick. If you like the consistency of a cleansing balm you'll like this. 

It is made with an almond oil base so it is really hydrating, so much so that you can get away without moisturising afterwards which is great for anyone who has a laid-back approach to skincare.
 Honey acts as a natural antiseptic so you will notice any pesky spots begin to clear as the days go on.. and the rose water content will calm irritated skin. 

You simply apply it to dry skin and massage in circular motions, the warmth of your hands will help penetrate the product to remove all the dirt, grime and makeup from your pores. Then using a hot flannel or facecloth you wipe off the product.(you need to use hot water - well warm water at least). Avoid a muslin cloth because it just isn't gritty enough and you'll be left with what feels like a slime-y layer on your skin. 

A picture really does say a thousand words so I have included both before and after photos of my trial below:

Having used this as my night time cleanser every night for a little over a month, I think my skin can attest to the fact that this product really does work. Hormonal breakouts have been less hormonal - My skin is clearer, brighter and more hydrated than it has been in a long, long time and this is the only change I've made to my skincare routine.
While I am always going to have some degree of scarring from previous bouts of acne, I have to say my skin looks pretty good right now and its all down to UltraBland. 

It is priced at approximately €15 for a 100g tub which based on my calculations will last you approximately 4 months if used daily. 

I now challenge you to put UltraBland to the test.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And the award goes to..

I'm a self confessed fake tan fanatic and know a thing or two about tanning. Don't get me wrong, I've had about as many fake tan mishaps as I've had hot dinners over the years. I've learned my lessons the abrasive way, through relentless scrubbing trying to remove tar like tans in the past. 
I never lost sight my goal.. A natural, bronzed glow would be mine eventually. Below I've compiled a list of my fail safe BROWN not Orange tans. I like to mix it up and try new ones from time to time but will always revert to these.  So with further ado, the award for..

Best fake tan for Beginners: Cocoa Brown 'Gentle Bronze'. This tinted moisturiser is a great way to ease you into the world of fake tan. It has a light colour guide to ensure you don't miss any patches and because its a gradual tan, you get a hint of colour which you can build up over a number of days. It soaks in quickly, leaves skin feeling soft and has that gorgeous Tahitian Gardenia scent.

Best 'I got a spray tan' fake tan: Karora tinted self tan mist. Whether its a special event, a hot date or a big night out with the girls, we all love a spray tan. This tan is my secret weapon, my D.I.Y spray tan in a bottle. A gorgeous deep glow, one I always recommend to anyone going to a wedding as it will without a doubt look great all weekend long. While it is on the pricier side at €22, you'll easily get 10-12 full body applications with this verses 1 professional spray.

Best Last Minute Miracle Tan: Vita Liberata NKD SKN Matte wash off instant tan. This is my go to tan for a last minute decision  to head out with the girls. It isn't shimmery or glittery like some of the other instant tans on the market, it stays perfect as you dance the night away and as soon a you shower, its gone. Like it was never there to begin with.  Great for anyone who works in a hospital or kitchen as less face it, the remnants of last weekends fake tan can look unhygienic to say the least.

The perfect pairing for flawless pins: While these tans work just fine on their own, I find layering them creates optimum results. Although I don't bare my legs all that often, when I do I want feel confident and comfortable. For that I apply Wow Brown DIY tan to create a perfect even base, while it is not designed specifically for legs, I think of all the tans I've tried, it makes mine look their best. To cover any bumps, bruises or scarring I layer Cocoa Brown Lovely legs on top. It's a leg makeup, however unlike its counterpart it isn't powdery/cakey looking on the legs. Like a concealer for your legs it hides a multitude. 

Best fake tan for him:  He-shi 1hr rapid liquid tan. While it is the only tan on this list aimed at both men and women it isn't to say that that men can't use the rest of them either. However, after much testing with a male guinea pig (I mean friend obviously). This one topped the list. It's easy to apply, fuss free and doesn't smell like fake tan. This is the only tan of the lot that could be applied to the face as it didn't turn his 5 o'clock shadow ginger. 

Best Tinted Moisturiser:  Karora Gradual tan. This is my 'pick me up' product. If I'm ever having one of those days I'll apply this. It's an instant mood booster - for me anyway. It's probably down to the 'You're skin looks great' comments I get when I wear it. While it won't give that BAM! you're tanned look, it will give you're skin a healthy glow and sometimes that's just what you need.

Holy Grail Fake Tan: Cocoa Brown 1hr tan. I could not talk about tan and without mentioning/raving about this. When I initially posted the photo of all of my fake tan, I was asked: If I had to pick one, which would it be? While I love all of these tans, the decision was easy. Ever since I discovered it, it has been a staple and my stockpile never depletes. At very minimum I have 3 bottles within reaching distance in case of emergencies. What can I say? It has saved the day on more than one occasion. It's a foolproof, naturally bronzed tan in a can. It is so affordable, probably the most affordable tan on the market and has beat many a high end competitor to the post. You have no excuses not to try it. Do it.. DO IT NOW!! And thank me tomorrow. 

While I have not tried every tan on the market, I have tried my fair share of them and will continue to try new ones. As you can see a few brands popped up more than once, based purely on the fact that they work. They do exactly what they say they'll do and they are NOT orange.

Whats your favourite tan? Have I mentioned it? or is there any tan you would recommend trying that I haven't mentioned?

Monday, August 11, 2014

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | Review

I have always been a bit of a night owl and lack of sleep was never an issue for me. I'm quite a light sleeper too.. Tossing and turning and waking several times through out the night for no reason at all. Lately I've been finding it increasingly difficult to fall asleep when I do go to bed, probably down to the dead heat. My poor body was exhausted.

I had seen the Pillow Spray floating around on the internet for a while.. Intrigued and deciding enough was enough I picked it up. It is infused with essential oils of lavender, Vetivert and Camomile. It smells incredible. The epitome of relaxation.

I've had it for 6 weeks now and to say that I've noticed a difference is a huge understatement. The first night I could actually feel myself drifting within minutes.. Like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and for the first time in years I slept straight through the night. 8 glorious hours of solid sleep. The best nights sleep I think I've ever had.

 I'm no longer as restless as I used to be and have noticed when I wake in the morning I'm in more or less the same position I was in when I went to bed (before I would fall asleep on one side of the bed and wake up on the other).

I love it so much that I actually picked up the balm version of it too. I'm jetting off to Australia for Christmas to visit my godmother (soul sister). So I thought the balm would be great for one the plane with liquid restrictions. However I think I'll have to repurchase it before I go as I've been using both the balm and the spray together since I picked it up.

Anyone who struggles with sleep issues needs to try it. It's only now that I'm really starting to see the benefits of a good nights sleep. 

The 'This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray' is like that deep breath right when you need it - bottled! 

It is priced at €21 and available from here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Ultimate Powder Contour Duo?*

Being a self confessed queen of contouring, I love my Crown Brush concealer palette. It's perfect for a dramatic night time look but I wanted something more subtle for during the day. I was using the sleek contour palette and although I love the highlight powder, the contour was verging on the muddy side. 

While on the hunt for my 'go-to' day time contour, I was kindly gifted some bits from W7 to trial. It really couldn't have come at a better time and to say they've blown me away is an understatement. The quality of these products for the price is mind blowing. 
The Matte Bronzer Compact has taken up full time residence on my face since receiving it. It is completely matte, it isn't orange and it doesn't cake on top of my foundation. It feels silky to the touch and while it is perfect for during the day, it's very buildable. Ideal for anyone who is new to contouring or someone who isn't ready to embrace a cream contour. 
I was also sent some brushes to try out. Being a bit of a brush snob, Sigma are my brushes of choice. I've been be left out of pocket on more than one occasion after "investing" in high end brushes so when I find one that works for me, I rarely change it up. That being said, I was completely blown away with the brushes I was sent. The Face Blending brush has completely changed my opinion on branded brushes, it so soft and such a unique shape. The angle of the brush and the fact that the bristles are curved mean it fits under my "cheekbones" perfectly. Chiseling them in one quick sweep. It's narrow enough to use down the sides of your nose too and perfect for disguising a high forehead like mine if you want to rock a slicked back ponytail.
What surprised me most about the brush was the complete lack of fall out where the bristles are concerned, even after washing the brush. I haven't seen one loose hair - Success! It just goes to show that price doesn't always indicate quality in the beauty industry.

This pair combined is a match made in makeup heaven. The W7 brushes start at €1.49 and the Bronzer compact is a mere €1.99. You can pick W7 online from Cara Pharmacy where these products are regularly on SALE. They're practically giving the products away at full price. 

I may have a few W7 Designer Dupes of Cult Beauty products up my sleeves so be sure to keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks.

Monday, July 28, 2014

July Monthly Favourites |

July has absolutely flown by.. To say it has been a product filled one is an understatement thanks the ah-mazing #CorkMeetup. I am completely overwhelmed and thought the best place to start would be with a monthly favourites to mention but a few of the products that I have been reaching for throughout the month.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip perfector in 04 'Petal Shimmer' - This is just a sample size version I picked up at the meetup but something I will definitely be repurchasing. As you well know, I'm not into gloss. I hate the gloopy, sticky feeling on my lips. This is different, it feels just like a balm with a sheer not too glossy finish. It smells and tastes like vanilla cupcakes and they called it a lip perfector for a reason. You get the ultimate 'you're lips but better' effect with this. Oh and your hair doesn't get stuck to it either!

Prada 'Candy' - I'm a bit of a perfume fiend. Recently I felt like a little splurge was in order and decided I needed a change. I picked this little beauty up. It's sweet but not overpowering with notes of caramel and vanilla over a woody base. Funny I chose this really, Viktor and Rolf's 'Flowerbomb' has been my signature scent for a few years now and people tell me it smells chocolatey when I wear it. What is it with me and foody fragrances? Smell it, trust me you won't regret it!

Benefit They're Real 'Push-Up' Liner - I've raved about this already in a review earlier in the month so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail let's just say I've been winging my liner up to the Lord all month! If you want to read my full review, it's here.

Eylure Volume 101 Lashes - I love lashes, nothing completes a look quite like them. I was so, so lucky to be sent some to try out (Thank you Barbara!). These ones in particular, they are revolutionary. Pre-glued, so there's no faffing around waiting for the glue to go tacky. You simply apply them and go. They don't budge for the night either, the corners didn't lift or anything. Even in this dead heat we're having. The best part of all though? Because you haven't applied the glue yourself the lashes are perfect to use again, mine are currently back in the packet, you'd hardly know I wore them Friday night. I think I'll dedicate a post to some of my favourite lashes, would you be interested?

Pixy Natural Lime Body Scrubs - I received one of these in a Powder Pocket Box recently and it was love at first Scrub. So much so that I repurchased them the very same day. They smell like sherbet and while gritty they aren't abrasive and you don't leave the shower feeling raw. I think that down to the fact that they are jam packed with Cocoa Butter. The guys at Pixy weren't lying either when they said that these are the best fake tan removers.. The tan just melts away!

Finally.. Not something I'd normally mention but it really works and if you don't already use it, it's only fair I share the discovery. Colgate 'Max white one' toothpaste. Random I know! I drink quite a lot of black coffee, too much in fact and have noticed a bit of staining on my teeth of late. I bought this tooth paste one day on a whim and I saw a difference almost straight away.. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now? And the stains have disappeared. It doesn't leave that chalky texture on your teeth either like some of the whitening brands do, my teeth feel squeaky clean. I won't be running out any time soon either, I picked up 3 spares while it was on offer in my local supermarket last week!

Whittling this down to 6 was so hard.. This really is just a glimpse into my favourite products for the month of July. It's been a great month product wise. Lets hope August lives up the my high expectations now..

Rebecca x

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stila Convertible Color | Review

I must admit, I've had Stila's Convertible Colors on my wish list for quite some time but could never settle on a shade.. I bit the bullet last month after clasping my eyes on the beauty that is 'Camellia'. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm big into Bronze and even more so now that it's Summer here in Ireland - this was fate!
When it arrived, it was everything I imagined and so, so much more. It packs one hell of a punch colourwise - one dab and you're good to go. It is the most pigmented cheek product I have ever owned, glides on effortlessly and is buildable meaning you get your desired look with minimal effort on your part.
You can apply it with your fingers and your foundation doesn't budge underneath however down to my spot prone skin I apply it using my real techniques stippling brush to avoid touching my face where possible.
*I have it on my cheeks here*
What I wasn't expecting from it was the gorgeous healthy, dewy glow it gives my skin while wearing it, so much so that I've actually stopped highlighting my "cheekbones" since I got it. It is a convertable color so doubles as a lip stain as well which is great if you're on the go or need to travel light.
Hands down my favourite beauty buy in a long time. It is the only blusher I've worn since purchasing which completely justifies the €20 price tag in my opinion. I see a lot more of them in my future. The only question left.. What colour do I want next?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream | Review

As part of my long list of New Years resolutions I wanted to add an eye cream into my skincare routine. Apparently I should have done that 3 years ago.. Better late than never I suppose!
Now I don't suffer from particularly puffy eyes or dark circles thankfully. What I do have is quite dull, almost lifeless eyes when I wake up. That's not to say I'm not a morning person because for the most part I am (we all have our days). I may not actually be tired but I most certainly look it. The joys of being naturally pale eh?
I wanted a cream as opposed to gel formula as I felt it would soak in and my makeup would sit better on top of it. After doing my research I settled on The Body Shop's Vitamin E eye cream.
 It is common knowledge that Vitamin E is good for the skin. It is an antioxidant, antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage. And vitamin E is one of the most powerful of them. Not only that but it helps penetrate moisture into the skin, reducing transepidermal water-loss. Along with Vitamin A and C, Vitamin E is vital in the production of Collagen which keeps the skin looking youthful. Collagen around the eye area is particularly important as the skin in that area is so thin, it makes disguising fine lines and wrinkles quite difficult. At only 21, I have fine lines around my eyes! 

I've been using the Vitamin E eye cream since February. Have I noticed a difference? Yes and No! My skin does look brighter, around my eye area seems to be almost illuminated. People have even commented that I look 'Chirpier' in the mornings which it most certainly an improvement. Will it help me look 10 years younger? No it won't, nor would I want it too. My fine lines haven't gotten any deeper from what I can see over the past few months.. This eye cream is definitely the prevention rather than the cure. 

I apply it twice daily, morning and night and will continue to do so. I am now of the opinion that next to sun cream, eye cream should be applied religiously - a complete convert! 
Eye cream should be applied to the orbital bone - the bone around the eye socket, along the cheekbone and up to your brow bone. Not on the lid as that can cause irritation, eye cream naturally migrates inwards towards the eye on its own.

 If you're in the market for an eye cream for dark circles I'd definitely recommend giving this one a go. It's reasonably priced at €12 per 15ml tube which is the standard size of an eyecream. A little goes a long way with it too.. You only need a small amount approximately the size of a grain of rice is enough per application. Like I said I've been using it twice daily since February and I'm still not finished the tube!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Benefit - They're Real 'Push-Up' Liner | Review

Growing up I was such a 'Benebabe' and for a long time the majority of my makeup bag consisted of purely Benefit  but I grew out of it and for a long time I hadn't purchased anything new from them other than the cult product that is the 'They're Real' Mascara (which admittedly I am still not completely sold on).

Well today I'm here to talk to about the latest addition to the 'They're Real' family and ever since I clasped eyes on it, I knew I had to have it. God only knows why because I can't wing out my liner to save my life. None the less I bought into the hype. It launched here in Ireland on the 25th of June. I picked it up straight and have been familiarising myself with it ever since..
So what makes it different to other gel liners you ask? Well for starters it comes in a twist up pen as apposed to the typical pot meaning it won't dry out quickly, you only dispense what you need. The blacker than black gel is dispensed out through a soft, flexible, silicone nib. A nib so thin that it gets right up into your lash line, not only are you defining your eyes you're actually giving the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes!! 

The formula of the liner itself is a little drier than others I have tried in the past, now this is not a bad thing by any means especially if you, like me are somewhat of an amateur when it comes to winged liner.  The consistency is, in my opinion PERFECT! Not too thick, not too runny. Matte and Jet Black.
Like any new product, it does take a little getting used to but I'm getting there - slowly but surely. The nib is great for beginners too as you really do get a far crisper line with it, it also takes the hassle out of having to wash a liner brush (which we all know is torturous). 

Like it's predecessor, once this liner is on, it will not budge. I mean hail, rain, or snow. Sun, sweat or tears it is going nowhere. With the release of the liner so too came the release of an eye makeup remover in the form of the They're Real 'Strip-down' Waterproof eye makeup remover. I like what you did there Benefit, with the names!

Being so sucked into the hype surrounding the liner I picked up the remover too. It's pretty basic if you ask me, an emulsifier type remover. Apply it directly to the liner, and wipe away with a soaked cotton pad. It does the same as any oil-based makeup remover and at €19.50 it was a waste of money on my part. Oh well, you live and learn as they say..

As for the liner itself? The hype is REAL! If you're willing to part with €25 it is well worth investing in. It's also on sale from Cara Pharmacy online here at a reduced price of €20 currently in their sale! You can thank me later ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soleil Tan De Chanel | Review

After a particularly long week in the office a while back, I deserved a treat and through the process of elimination decided on Chanel. Lets face it, Chanel makes everything better! I have been lusting after Soleil Tan de Chanel for about 2 years now but could never commit to a purchase convincing myself that I was far to pale and it wouldn't look right. After that week I just bit the bullet and I haven't looked back since. 
I wanted it primarily as a makeup base for matching my face to my body especially for nights out over the summer because as a rule I don't tan my face. Real or Fake. 

While it is marketed as a makeup base and it works well as one, over the past few weeks I have become more accustomed to using it as a cream bronzer applying it with a stippling brush in the typical "3" motion. It's the perfect colour for contouring the face and blends effortlessly into foundation with a matte finish.
However, for days where I am tan free, I can still wear it. For daytime I mix the tiniest amount of moisturiser (about the size of a grain of rice) in the jar with it, swirl my brush around it and apply it in the same "3" motion, for a dewy day time look with just a hint of colour. A healthy sun-kissed glow if you will.

It has become a staple in my makeup routine, to the point where I feel naked without it. How typical that I'd feel naked without Chanel? 

It is priced at €38.50 and available here. While it is on the pricer end of the scale, I see it as an investment product. I'll get so much use out of it during the summer as cream based products feel so much lighter on the skin, you can have a full face of makeup with looking cakey. 

I've ordered a Stila Convertable Colour to wear with it, now I have to wait patiently for it to arrive so I can bronze up my cheeks to match.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Festival Essentials |

With Festival Season well and truly upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my must-have beauty bits that won't weigh you down or take up excess room in your already bursting at the seams backpack!

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan - €7.99
Another fail safe product from the ever growing and expanding brand that is Cocoa Brown. For those of you like me who struggle to master the art of gradual tan application this is the one for you. Unlike most gradual tans on the market 'Gentle Bronze' has a light colour guide making it a breeze to apply - no more streaky tan disasters! In essence it is a tinted moisturizer so it is quite hydrating, it can be applied daily to build a deep glow or for a natural sunkissed glow apply it two-three nights in a row! People will think you're just back from a week in the South of France! Perfect for baring arms up front listening to your favourite bands this summer!

Bed Head 'Oh Bee Hive' Dry Shampoo - €16.50
Lets face it, showers are few and far between at these festivals and realistically how appealing do communal showers sound when you're talking about tens of thousands of people? Not very. Dry shampoo is definitely a festival essential and you'd be mad to go without a can of it. Perfect for adding a little life back into limp second and even third day hair in some cases. My current favourite is from the brand Tigi, although it may not be the cheapest one on the market, a little goes a long way. It leaves zero white residue whatsoever even in the darkest of hair and smells ah-mazing. It also doubles up as a texturizing spray adding oodles of volume at the roots. It contains starch to soak up excess oil so you can rock your flower head band all weekend long!

Tangle Teezer - €15.95
Tangled tresses are no fun and I'd be lost without my Tangle teezer. It's light weight and compact making it perfect for on the go. Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand it literally goes hand in hand with the a fore mentioned dry shampoo - a quick brush through your hair and it is smooth, glossy and freeze free in no time at all!

Water wipes - €3.99
I am completely anti when it comes to face wipes, however I do appreciate that the last thing on your mind at a festival is cleanse, tone and moisturise. These wipes are from the Irish owned 'Irish Breeze'. They are water based, alcohol and fragrance free making them a great alternative to the traditional makeup wipes as they aren't as harsh or striping. They take up minimal space in your bag and are great for a quick clean the morning after the night before. They remove, makeup, facepaint and the general grime associated with spending your days in the middle of a field.

Neutrogena Multi-Defence daily moisturiser - €10.99
I'm slightly contradicting myself by including a moisturiser but if you've followed the blog for a while then you'll already know I'm a stickler when it comes to SPF especially for the face, I'm trying to keep you all looking young for as long as possible. This moisturiser is great because it contains SPF 15 so although I might prefer to see you wear something a little higher, its better than nothing! It's lightweight, soaks in quickly and protects against some of the skins biggest aggressors; Sun (UVA + UVB), wind and day to day pollution in one quick step - Simples!!

Mac Fix+ - €18.50
On the off chance we meet our favourite celebrity/ future husband in the middle of a mosh pit we need to be looking our best, to do so you will need Mac's Fix+. A spritz of this over your makeup will keep it in place all day long, no touch ups required. While you may feel like a sweaty mess, you certainly won't look like one with this. Its my holy grail setting spray, great for pigments and glitter and god knows no festival look is complete without some glitter ;)

Whether it's Electrical Picnic or Glastonbury you're heading to this year these are my beauty must haves, the products I simply could not survive without hopefully I've given you little bit of inspiration or reminded you of something you may have otherwise forgotten. The sunscreen, deodorant, wellies, raincoat and tent is up to you.. *hint hint*

Monday, June 9, 2014

Gel Polish: Take it from someone who knows | My Experience

I have seen a lot of hate towards gel polish in the "Blogosphere" of late and I thought it was high time I shared my thoughts on the subject. I have been wearing gel polish with a little over a year and a half having given up on extensions which had left my nails paper thin and brittle. In the past twelve months I have experimented with Shellac, Gelish, OPI Gel colour, Axxium and Perfect Match - You name it, I've tried them all!

I get my nails done religiously every three weeks as a treat, only having the polish removed to be reapplied within minutes and I can honestly say, hand on my heart that the integrity of my natural nails has not been hindered or in any way compromised by the use of gel polish. If anything, I owe my long, strong nails to it. My nail growth is incredible, I have to get the length taken back at every appointment because tallons just aren't practical when working on a computer all day everyday.

Before blaming your weakened/damaged nails on gel polish. Ask yourself this? Did you have a branded polish applied? CND for example? Did the nail tech use an electric file or drill on your nails prior to application?(this is a big NO NO!) Did you have it removed properly in a Salon? Did you remove it yourself? Did you pick it off?
Gel Polish application whether it be Shellac or Gelish etc. on average costs about €25-€30. This cost is there because it takes about 40 minutes all in all to have it applied, they are using branded products and your nail technician is fully qualified. If you see a deal on Groupon or the likes for a €10 gel manicure, it may sound like a great bargain at the time but just think about what is being compromised on to give you such a great deal? Something has to give..
It should always be removed in a salon by a professional  where the gel seal is broken, acetone soaked cotton wool is applied to the nail and it is wrapped in foil to penetrate the acetone and aid with the breakdown of the gel. Once the nail is removed from the foil your polish should have lifted and come away with little or no help from the nail tech. The removal of the gel polish in the correct way ensures your nails are left in perfect condition - no damage!
My natural nails after gel polish removal and ready for the next application. (Excuse the dodgy quality of the photo it was taken on an iPhone)
Please excuse the photo spamming, I just wanted to give you an idea of the consistency of length, my nail growth etc. I am in no way telling you to give up on wet polish, or to go out and get a gel manicure. What I am saying, like everything in life - don't knock it til you've tried it.

I do still have an accident every once in a while where down to the klutz I am I break a nail, nothing that a silk wrap won't heal though! 
Not so long ago a silk wrap completely saved my nail having broken it half way down the nail bed right across almost, I had 2 wraps applied to it and over the course of  5 weeks it had grown out completely and most importantly.. I didn't loose it! Nail technician are life savers! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner bar | Review

A lot of you will remember I reviewed the 'Seanik' Shampoo bar from Lush a while back. Well today I'm back to you with a similar product - a solid conditioner. I have to say knowing how good the shampoo bars are, I was still very skeptical about trying a solid conditioner. It couldn't possibly work as well a liquid one, could it?

It was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase if  I'm totally honest. I was placing an online order about six weeks ago and needed to add something else to my basket to avoid paying for shipping (as you do).  Its claim to "tame wild hair" was enough to convince me, god knows my over processed hair needs all the nourishment it can get..

  Jungle solid conditioner is made using a cocoa butter base and is crammed full of banana, avocado and fig to hydrate and condition. Along with kumquat and passionfruit to add shine. On first use I have to say I wasn't entirely impressed. After coming out of the shower and drying my hair, It appeared I had missed sections of my hair completely. My own fault obviously.. But it was difficult to get used to using it compared to your run of the mill cream conditioner. However, I was not going to give up straight away. 

I gave it another whirl and the difference was mind boggling. It controlled my frizz without the need to used any other product. My hair felt smooth, sleek and ultimately hydrated without being weighed down. The smell which is almost indescribable lingers in my hair for 2-3days and using it in conjunction with my 'Godiva' shampoo bar I am experiencing "third day hair" for the first time in my life. I have been using this combination for 6 weeks now and I am completely sold. Solid is the way forward.
Here's whats left of mine after 6 weeks (its little worse for wear - lets be honest)

*** On a side note, in relation to the 'Godiva' Shampoo bar, if you have purchased, are intending to purchase it. I recommend cutting it into two because there are chunks of butters in it and as a result mine has broken up into 4 pieces. Just a heads up ;)

They are priced at £6.50 (approx €9) and available from Lush stores or from 

Have you tried any of the Lush solid shampoo/conditioner bars? What do you think of them?

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