Sunday, November 15, 2015

Duochrome Nails

I knew that New Look had brought out their own beauty range but I never really made time to have a proper root through it.
While I was queuing up to pay for a few bits last week, I spotted this nail polish out of the corner of my eye and said I'd chance it. I have a soft spot for Duochrome and with Christmas just around the corner I've become somewhat of a magpie for all things sparkly. If it was crap I wasn't going to be out of pocket by much - it was €3.99.
Let me start off by saying that Duochrome is very hard to photograph and these photos do the polish no justice. The shade is 99 | multi coloured and it really is gorgeous with bronze,copper and pewter glitters. 
It looks everything from rose gold to a metallic khaki depending on the lighting. 
The wide brush makes application really easy - two coats and its completely opaque and you're good to go.
As for staying power? I've had the polish on for 5 days and I have yet to see one single chip. To say I'm impressed with the polish is an understatement. I'll get so much wear out of the polish over the festive season.

Have you tried any products from the New Look pure colour collection? It'll be my first port of call the next day I'm in there.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mac Nudes for Pale Skin

 Finding the perfect nude lip shade is a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans - Difficult at best but once you find it you feel as though you can conquer the world.
Being as typically "Irish" in the complexion as I am only adds to the already up hill battle. 
That being said, after much deliberation I have compiled a list of three of the most wearable MAC nudes for pale skin.
A lot of your "true nudes" will make you look like an extra from the walking dead if you're pale along with adding a yellow tinge to your teeth in photos so I've avoided including any. Instead I have opted for neutral shades that will enhance a paler complexion while still giving the desired "nude" effect. 

 Left - Blankety -Amplified - Brown/Beige Nude
Middle - Creme Cup - Creamsheen - Pinky Nude
Right - Syrup - Lustre - Mauvey Nude

Thursday, September 17, 2015

IsaDora Face Sculptor | Review

You know when you find a product you love so much that it's almost like second nature to use it? You don't have to think about it at all? This is one of those products. It was kindly gifted to me by IsaDora at an event I attended ages ago and I have been using it non-stop since. That in itself says a lot because I'm a self confessed contour queen and it has literally rendered my drawer full of contour products redundant. My smashbox contour sticks? Haven't used them yet!
The palette itself is a one stop shop for all of your contour/highlight needs. The powders are all highly pigmented and so finely milled that they blend into the skin like butter. You only need to touch your brush off of the product to see how intense the colour pay off is.
There are four variations of the face sculptor palettes available, one to suit nearly every skin tone. 
The one I have is 01 Warm Peach and it couldn't be anymore perfect for me. The warm toned bronze shade is sheer perfection. It's not too orange and it isn't ashy so not only does it create these insanely chisseled cheek bones but it also adds this beautiful, natural sun-kissed glow on the skin.
The peach blush shade is right up my street, I've never been into pinky toned cheek colours opting instead for orangey toned peaches and corals during the summer months and mauve, plum and brown shades for the autumn/winter. 
Finally, you have the champagne highlight shade. It is beautiful, so finely milled that you're left with a this beautiful radiant glow without a trace of glitter. I sweep it along my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose, my cupids bow and on my brow bone and my skin looks glowy and healthy during the day without being at all over the top. Because it's quite a soft focus/candlelit glow, I tend not to use this highlight when I'm going out, instead opting for something slightly more intense like Mary Lou-Manizer from the Balm.
At €25 it is on the pricier end of the scale for a pharmacy brand product but don't let that put you off. I cannot recommend this palette enough, it is worth every cent. I love this palette so much that I may just have to pick it up in another shade. I'm thinking the new 03 Nude Palette which has a cooler toned bronze shade for a deeper contour.

Have you tried any of the other Face Sculptor shades? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lust-haves #1

1. MAC | Amber x 9 palette - There are few things I like more than a neutral eye shadow palette and MAC have hit the nail on the head with release these x9 palettes. As soon as I saw this one I knew it had to be mine. The compact palette contains 9 warm toned amber shadows with textures ranging from matte to satin to frost. It would be the perfect palette for traveling with the endless colour combinations you aren't restricted to one look for day and one for night. Yes Mac - YES!
2. Narciso Rodriguez | Narciso Perfume - I have Narciso Rodriguez for her already and I love it - It's one of my go to autumn/winter scents. Ever since I smelled this one earlier on in the year I knew I had to have it sooner or later(Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits I blame you). It's a real feminine; floral and slightly woody scent - Perfect for late summer/ autumn. The thought of pairing this with chunky knits in a couple of months is getting me through this disaster of a so-called Summer.
3. Smashbox | Be Legendary Lipstick in Fireball Matte - It's an orangey/red shade, it's matte and it's moisturising. Do I really need to justify this lipstick anymore? It's a show stopper and I need it in my life.
4. Two Faced | Better than Sex Mascara - Admittedly a lot of this is to do with the name, it's a hefty claim to make by any brand. That being said the reviews I have read about this mascara have all been very positive and I haven't splashed out on a mascara in a long time. The fact that you can now buy Two Faced in Debenhams may have swayed me towards it slightly more - consider it bought!
5. Urban Decay | Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder - I've said it before and I'll say it again - Urban Decay is my favourite Beauty Brand. Their shade range is second to none, their eyeshadows are like butter and I've been thoroughly enjoying their base products of late. I have all but two products from their naked skin range, this and the powder foundation. I'm not a huge fan of powder/mineral foundations because of my dry skin so I'm too fussed about getting that. This finishing powder on the other hand will undoubtedly be my next makeup splurge. 

So there you have it, just a few of the high-end beauty bits I'm currently lusting after. Are any of these on your lust-haves list?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Brand Focus | Nars

While in Australia what seems like forever ago, I went a little bit crazy and splurged on a tonne of high end cosmetics. Nars and Hourglass namely because they aren't easy to get your hands on here in Cork. I picked up 3 of the most talked about products by the brand and thought I'd share my thoughts overall.
The first product I picked up was the sheer glow foundation. I'm like a magpie when I hear glow, anything that will make my skin look brighter and less dehydrated. And let me just tell you.. It is so worth ALL of the hype surrounding it. It is water based which is great for those with drier skin as it means it won't cling to any dry patches. The name "sheer glow" would lead you to believe the coverage is light but this is very much a medium buildable coverage foundation. Once applied it leaves your skin with the most beautiful healthy glow. For those of you looking for a brighter complexion without it looking "dewy" this foundation is totally worth the splurge. With approximately 20 shades in the range their is literally one to suit everyone. I picked it up in the shade "Deauville" and it is the closest colour match that I've found in a foundation in a long time. 
My one and only gripe with this foundation, is an issue I have with a lot of high end brands -the lack of a pump. I just forked out €40 for this and now you want €5 more for a pump? Ugh - First World Problems!
Next on my list is the cult favourite "Laguna" bronzer. It looks a little dirty in the pan but don't let that put you off. The cooler tone mimic's that of an actual shadow meaning it is perfect for contouring. Think Benefit's "Hoola" with the teeniest hint of shimmer. Not only does it carve out glorious cheekbones, it also gives the skin the most beautiful sunkissed glow without looking caked on.  The fact that it is almost a 2 in 1 product definitely makes spending €38 on it a lot easier to stomach. I have a drawer literally overflowing with bronzers and contouring palettes and this is hands down my go-to favourite since picking it up in December and I haven't hit pan yet *touches all the wood*.
Finally I picked up the radiant creamy concealer in "vanilla". I am a bit of a self-confessed concealer junkie and my addiction has become very apparent in recent months - I want to conceal EVERYTHING. So lets start off by getting any and all misconceptions out of the way first - There is nothing radiant about this concealer. It does not have a luminous finish like that of  YSL's touche eclat for example. This stuff is heavy duty and will hide ALL of your sins. I have tear stains on the outer corners of my eyes, a few broken capillaries around my nose, a little bit of redness on my cheeks and plenty of acne scarring and this stuff hides it like nobody's business. I replaced it with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer for a while but I couldn't resist going back to this. I don't know how I ever coped without it. 

Nars is now available from which is very dangerous indeed - I will without a doubt be expanding my collection in the coming months. The Audacious lipstick in "Anita" is next on my hitlist thanks to Orla from MakeupOverMind for introducing me. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Smoothie Bowl | Dessert for Breakfast

I am the worst person for eating breakfast. My stomach just doesn't function that early in the morning. My day generally starts off with a multivitamin and a cup of coffee which keeps me going until about 10:30 or 11. Then I'll have a banana or some corn cakes and peanut butter to take me through til lunch.
It's not a great way to start the day - I know! It's something I'm working on. My research and mild fascination with the vegan lifestyle led me to discover the beauty that is the smoothie bowl. I didn't lie when I said it's like dessert for breakfast. Smoothie bowls taste just like sorbet - packed full of fruit and topped with whatever your heart desires. 
Along with being all kinds of delicious, they kick start your metobolism. Your body has to work quickly, burning excess calories because the cold smoothie is a shock to the system first thing in the morning. Those of you familiar with slimming world will know what I'm taking about when I say that smoothie bowls are known for their "speed" properties.
I've been sharing my smoothie bowl ventures on instagram over the past few days and I'm getting loads of questions about them so I thought I would give you a run down of the basic smoothie bowl recipe I use - the flavour combinations are endless. You can add extra banana if you want your smoothie bowl to be creamier. Don't be put off that it isn't as liquidy as a normal smoothie. It isn't supposed to be, it's designed to be eaten with a spoon. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paese | Colours of Summer

Days like today call for bright nails - Am I right? I thought I'd share some of my favourite summer brights from Paese considering the glorious summers day that's in it. I wore them to death on my toes last summer and they are getting even more use at the moment. 
I absolutely adore the consistency of these polishes - It's quite thick without being at all gloopy making them extremely easy to work with. I've had these polishes for close a year now and they are like new each time I apply them.
The colours in the collection are all really opaque so you could get away with a single coat but I always like to apply a second one for good measure.
The lasting power isn't bad, on their own I get between 2-3 days chip free which is all I need really because I like to change up my colour every couple of days. I do however apply a quick layer of Seche Vite over them to speed up drying time because I'm really impatient this also helps keep them chip free for 7 plus days. 
They hold their shine really well too as you can see from the swatches below you get a gel like shine without the need to apply any additional top coat.
ShadesL-R: Turquoise - 348, Orange - 344, Pink - 347

They are priced at a very reasonable €4.95 a piece and available from Cloud10Beauty here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Instagram is where it's at. I'm absolutely insta-obsessed and it's the social media site that I am undoubtedly most active on. So I've decided to add a new segment to the blog, a sort of monthly round up/lifestyle post. So you can get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the blog. 
Why not kick start this with a round up of the month of May shall we? 
I've become a bit of a high-end fiend again of late.. So in May I said goodbye to all of my money and hello to loads of new spendy bits that I've been trying out. My latest additions being the Smashbox step by step contour kit AND contour sticks (Expect chiseled cheekbones and a spending ban in the June catch-up - Just an FYI). 
May has also seen the return of my beloved fake tan - I'm totally besotted with the Karora express bronzing mousse in Medium/Dark. I get endless compliments when I wear it, I've even been using it to tan my face which is so unlike me.
I started watching Gossip Girl this month too, I've been binge watching it on Netflix and I'm over half way through season 4. Blair and Chuck are officially my OTP and I have my heart set on New York more than ever before. One of my besties celebrated her birthday this month and threw the most incredible Champagne fuelled brunch and I honestly did think I was Blair Waldorf for all of 5 minutes - Nothing starts the day quite like Mimosas!
And lastly, I've started taking Viviscal in a bid to speed up my hair growth and help improve my hairs health. Is this something anyone is interested in reading in? Should do a review/update post on my progress? 

Come say 'Hi' and stay up to date on instagram @give_a_posy

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury | The Dolce Vita

I have lusted over this palette for months.. I mean months and months. Regularly going onto the Brown Thomas website, adding it to my basket but inevitably closing down the tab without clicking on the 'checkout' button telling myself "Not today, you don't need it!" (I know I'm not the only person who does this - don't lie!)
Recently, having saved a few penny's, I bit the bullet and placed a well deserved order - also picking up the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum foundation but we'll discuss that another day.
On it's arrival, I spent the majority of the day just staring at it, taking photo's of it in all it's unswatched glory. I didn't want to touch it, it was too beautiful.
I mean just look at it. Is it not the epitome of luxury? 
When I finally did swatch it, I fell in love. These shadows are like nothing I have every experienced before. Incredibly buttery, they blend like a dream. They are beautifully pigmented, even down to the champagne "prime" shade. With all of the shades are slightly shimmery the fall out is surprising minimal and whats'more the little bit of fall out you do get is not from the incredible molten gold "pop" shade. 
There is no denying that at €50 it is on the pricier end of the spectrum for an eyeshadow quad but It was worth every cent. I'll definitely be picking up another quad in the future. What I will say is that if you are going to invest in a palette like that, don't go for something experimental. Stick to colours you know and ones you'll get use of.  It would make a wonderful gift, or a present to yourself of course!

Charlotte you and I are going to be great friends. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The White Nail

 In case you haven't guessed it by now, a glossy white nail one of my all time favourites. It looks so chic and is easier to pull off than you'd think - even for us pale girls! It's hard to find a good one though as they can be quite sheer, meaning you have to apply several layers to get even close to the desired look. 
Don't get too disheartened though.. "White Hot Love" from Rimmel's  60 second super shine collection is the shiniest and most opaque white polish I have ever come across. Two thin coats of this polish and you are good to go, no top coat required! (I'm not wearing any in these photos and look at the gorgeous glossy finish).
As for longevity, I get a good 3-4 days chip free without the use of any top coat. With my beloved seche-vite, I get a weeks wear easily.
My dotted accent nail is made up of three shades from the Rimmel London x Rita Ora 60 second super shine collection using a dotter from Penneys.
Taupe - 'Rain Rain go away'
Peach - 'Peachella'
Red - 'Glaston Berry'

Priced at a mere €4.49 a piece I think it's safe to say I'll have the entire collection before long!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Venturing into the world of Nail Art | A Journey

  If you've been following the blog for a while you'll know that there is nothing I love more than a fresh manicure. I've been getting my nails done religiously for almost three years now and I've blogged about my experiences with gel polishes and brisa lite in the past. I was never any good at painting my own nails (my early instagram snaps are all the proof you need) so I just gave up trying, until recently that is. Wet polishes have really upped their game and I've always wanted to try my hand at nail art so that's exactly what I've been doing.. 
I've invested in dozens of polishes and tools and I'm excited to play with them and share my thoughts with you. 
I'm a complete amateur but my daisies are coming along nicely if I may say so myself. Over the next few weeks I'll be documenting my journey and reviewing different brands and polishes etc. 

So stay tuned! Stripes I'm coming for you next..

Friday, April 24, 2015

MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush | Review

Left to Right: 10 Nude Mauve, 30 Gorgeous Berries, 25 Alluring Rose

MaxFactor is not a brand that is widely talked about in the blogosphere - until recently that is. The brand blew up with the Creme Puff Blush Launch and rightly so. They are luminous, lightweight baked blushes, finely milled and buttery to the touch. They have been compared time and time again to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush range - I own one of these, mood exposure and it is beautiful if not a little bit expensive for what it is. I could sit here and do the same but in all honesty I don't think it would be fair to Hourglass. If I had my time over again, I'd skip the Hourglass blush and pick up the entire MaxFactor range instead.
They are complexion enhancing highlight-blush hybrids, adding a pop of colour and the most beautiful luminous glow to the cheeks. They are packed full of pigment (gorgeous berries especially) and blend like an absolute dream. 

Left to Right: 10 Nude Mauve, 30 Gorgeous Berries, 25 Alluring Rose

10 Nude Mauve - Of the three shades I currently own, this is my favourite. It's a gorgeous neutral slightly peachy shade. I know for a fact it's going to be my go-to shade for the summer as it won't take away from from a bright lip. It just adds a slight wash of colour to the cheeks and an almost air-brushed highlight - I looooove it!!

30 Gorgeous Berries - This is the deepest shade in the collection and best suited in my opinion for the autumn/winter months paired with an dark lip and a neutral eye. It is beautiful but uber pigmented so be careful not to over do it.

25 Alluring Rose - Another gorgeous summer shade, a peachy bronze that will add warmth to the complexion, I would go so far as to say you could use it as a contour colour for a sun-kissed glow!

It isn't often I that I find myself wanting to own all of the shades available in a collection. In fact it never happens, but there is a first time for everything.. At €11.49 a piece, the other 3 shades will be mine!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

My boots advantage card points have been burning a hole in my pocket recently, they're an excuse to splurge without actually having to spend anything. Florabotanica has been in the back of my mind for ages and decided it was high time to try it. I mean what says spring more than a floral scent? I had enough points saved to treat myself to a 50ml of the EDP (normally €67.50). 
Based on a garden filled with beautiful, strange and dangerous flowers - Everything about this perfume lures you in. The insanely beautiful packaging was designed by Nicolas Ghesquieres, the bottle is simple yet so striking. Photograph's really don't do it any justice. The fragrance itself is intoxicating, completely different to my usual vanilla based scents. AND the campaign is fronted by actress Kristen Stewart, one of my ultimate girl crushes.
It starts out slightly bitter, citrusy cut with wild mint but quickly settles into a light floral musk with the emphasis on the rose note. The rose in this instance is thorny and not that headache inducing powdery scent in most floral fragrances. The muskier notes are a combination of white amber, vertiver root and hemp leaves. 

Florabotanica is modern, edgy rose and I love it. 

I picked mine up here

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Current Cleansing Routine for Dry/Dehydrated skin

After buying my Clarisonic I went on a bit of a cleanser binge, splurging on a variety from both high end and budget brands.  If you've been following the blog for a while you'll know that I have very dehydrated skin but I'm also prone to bouts of cystic acne. I thought I'd share some of the cleansers I'm currently using and give you a sort of insight into my cleansing routine. 

 The Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing foam wash was a complete impulse buy (I needed something to bring up my total to avail of the free delivery). Having heard good things about the brand in the past, I thought it was as good a time as any to try something out for myself.
I honestly wasn't expecting much from it but was surprised by how much I actually do like it. I find myself reaching it for it in favour of both my Shiseido Ibuki gentle cleanser and my Clarins Daily Energizer cleansing gel.
I use this as my morning cleanser and while I might not necessarily feel wide awake, this gives my skin the perk up it needs - My skin looks brighter and feels incredibly clean. It has a really refreshing scent and foams up nicely without leaving my skin stripped of moisture. It is priced at €5.99 and is available here.
While it is a great face wash, I wouldn't rely on it to remove a face full of make up. In the evenings, I tend to use something slightly more heavy duty, like a cleansing balm/oil cleanser. The one I'm using currently is 'Ultrabland' from Lush. I have reviewed it previously so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail but what I will say is that I've been using it religiously since last July and I honestly don't see myself changing any time soon. I'll then go back in with the Botanics Cleanser for a second cleanse to ensure there is no residue left on my skin.

 My skin tends to get quite flaky especially during the colder months so I try to give my skin a good scrub twice a week. I don't like anything too abrasive especially since I started using the Clarisonic because it is essentially an exfoliating tool in itself. The one I'm using at the moment is the Visible Difference balancing exfoliating cleanser from Elizabeth Arden - its a bit of a mouthful I know! I've been using this for a couple of months now and I really like it. I tend to be quite wary when it comes to manual exfoliators as they can leave my skin feeling raw and irritated. This one is very gentle,while still managing to remove any dead skin I may have leaving my face exceptionally smooth and clean. Again, it is soap free so perfect for anyone like me with excessively dry skin.
It is on the pricier side at €22 for 125ml however, knowing my skin is in great hands with Elizabeth Arden being one of the "it" brands when it comes to skincare I'm happy to spend that little bit more and because I'm only using it 2-3 times a week the tube lasts ages. You can pick it up here.
So that was just a quick insight into my current favourite cleansers/cleansing routine. I'm really into skincare at the moment and I'm hoping that 2015 is finally going to be the year for my skin. If you'd be interested in an overview of my whole skincare routine I'd be happy to do a post outlining some of my holy grail products - Just let me know!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer | Review

I'm having a bit of a love affair with concealers of late. There are so many good ones on the market, both budget and high-end. In January, one of my favourite brands (Urban Decay) launched a new one and I just had to have it. 
I love Urban Decay because their shade range is so broad. There are 8 shades available currently, even catering for those paler than myself and let me tell you, that's a small minority. 
So the product itself?
Urban Decay claim that this concealer won't settle into fine lines thanks to an ingredient called Matrixyl 3000 which basically mimic's the breakdown of collagen causing your skin to react by regulating skin cell activity, producing more collagen and elastin - Sounds good doesn't it? Well it doesn't stop there.. It also contains Litchiderm which adds a moisturising element to the concealer and Japanese Green Tea extract to enhance the skins luminousity. Now they're some pretty hefty claims to make Urban Decay..
I must admit that while these ingredients all sound wonderful, I was slightly skeptical about the demi-matte finish. How can a product be matte and moisturising at the same time?
I picked it up about three weeks ago at an event in Debenhams and I must say, my current favourite: NARS radiant creamy concealer has had to take a backseat ever since.

 I just love the texture and consistency - It is really creamy, and the coverage like a lot of the Naked range is medium but very buildable, while still looking really natural once set in place. The Japanese Green tea extract does make it quite luminous and it acts as great under-eye highlight without creasing or caking throughout the day.
I love the packaging too, it looks just like a miniature bottle of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid foundation which I am also trialing at the moment. It has a spoon like doe-foot applicator which ensures you get just enough product. 
I'm currently using the shade 'light warm' but will definitely pick up a shade lighter and one darker for all my skintone eventualities.
It is priced at €22 and available here.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Clarisonic Mia 2 | Review

A Clarisonic, for those of you who don't know is a sonic cleansing brush, think electric toothbrush but for your face. I have been firmly on the fence about investing in one for a long time. They have been around for as long as I can remember and are hugely hyped in the beauty community. With the majority of the reviews online being extremely positive, the bad ones were diabolical. I was very slow to part with my cash. 
Curiosity and post holiday blues finally got the better of me and in January I finally made the splurge, deciding 2015 was going to be a good skin year. I opted for the Mia 2, which has 2 speed settings, so you can switch between the two depending on your skins needs. Baring in mind it is in itself an exfoliating tool so don't get carried away. I wouldn't recommend using it more than once every day/second day depending on your skins sensitivity. 
When I started using it first, my skin went through a bit of a purge and I broke out in quite painful, cystic blemishes along my cheekbones and around my chin. While it wasn't ideal by any means, it was a sign that my skin was getting a good cleanse - the sonic pulses were penetrating deep into my pores, bringing all of the gunk in my skin to the surface. 
Six weeks on, these blemishes have subsided and are now few and far between - Thankfully! The texture of my skin has changed. It isn't nearly as flaky as it used to be - I do still get little patches around my chin and along my jaw but I manage these by swapping my regular foaming cleanser with a gentle exfoliating cleanser used twice a week on the slower setting and don't find that it's too abrasive for my skin. The biggest difference however has been the reduction in the size of my pores, especially around my nose and the centre of my forehead. My skin hasn't been cleaner or felt this soft and smooth in a long time, my makeup sits better on my skin than ever before, even without the use of a primer.

While it is pricey initially at €149 and you do have to replace the brush heads every few months, I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to traditional cleansing methods again. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog over the next few days if you're considering investing in one yourself as I will be detailing the different products I use along side the Clarisonic.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ziaja Manuka Tree purifying range| Review*

A while back I was kindly sent some products from the Polish brand Ziaja's newest skincare collection. The Manuka Tree Purifying range, designed for oily/combination. There are 5 products in total; a day cream, a night cream, a cleanser, an astringent toner and a peeling paste. I have quite dry/dehydrated skin for the most part but put them to the test regardless. Here are my thoughts on the 3 products I received..
Manuka Tree normalising day cream - €6.99
This is a nice, light moisturiser for during the day and while it is designed for oily/combination skin, I was surprised by just how moisturising it actually was - I didn't feel like I needed anything extra. I don't suffer from excessively oily skin so can't really comment on its oil control claims, however what I will say is that because it is a mattifying moisturiser, it makes for a perfect foundation base. I don't have any makeup creasing around my nose and chin that I normally would have after 6-8 hours wear. It's kind of like a moisturising primer which is perfect for those early mornings!

Manuka Tree Gentle Exfoliating Night Cream - €6.99
To be totally honest I wasn't expecting much from this knowing how dry my skin is, it was too gel like in consistency to possibly be hydrating enough for me. However, I did get quite excited at the mention of almond acid because unless you've been living under a rock for the whole of 2014 you'll have heard about all the hype surrounding fruit acid exfoliation namely alpha-h liquid gold and pixi glow tonic (both admittedly are on my wish list). 
I used it for a few nights and just as I expected, it wasn't enough for my skin on its own, now that isn't anything to do with the product itself, it isn't aimed at those unfortunate people like me with excessively dry skin. I decided to experiment a bit and applied it after letting my beloved Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté sink in, just before bed 2-3 times a week. Not only am I getting the hydration I so desperately need, my skin has never looked brighter or smoother and I'm putting it down to this combination. There is something about this moisturiser and I'm presuming it the 'gentle exfoliation' from the almond acid that has improved the overall texture of my skin. We're definitely onto a winner with this one!
Manuka tree deep cleansing peeling paste - €4.99
Of all the products in the collection, this was the one I was most excited to try because I was completely baffled by it. A peeling paste? What does that mean? To my disappointed it wasn't a peel off mask. What it is, is an exfoliating mask. I was quite hesitant with this in the beginning and the instructions or lack of didn't help. Are you supposed to wash it off straight away or do you let it dry and then wash it off. Who knows, I tried both and found it a little too abrasive when removing it once it had dried, leaving my skin smooth but feeling raw and irritated. Instead I use it as a targeted spot treatment, if I feel like a spot is starting to rear its ugly head, I apply a little bit of the paste over it before bed and when I wake up, the spot significantly reduced if not after completely disappearing. Very comparable to the Glam Glow youth mud exfoliating mask.

Overall I'm really impressed with the range. While there were both positive and negative aspects, the good has definitely outweighed the bad on this one.
 If I was to pick a stand out product, it would definitely be the night cream. I cannot get over the difference in my skin when I wake up, it's nice to wake up have a plump, fresh face and what's more, sometimes I even think "you know you look good today Rebecca!" Followed by numerous #nomakeup selfies destined to go nowhere..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

NARS and Hourglass Haul & *GIVEAWAY*

Happy New Year Lovelies! 

Lets just start off by stating the obvious, I'm back blogging after an extended break. I never intended to be out of the loop for as long as I was but unfortunately life gets in the way from time to time and towards the end of last 2014 it seemed like one thing after another for me. None the less, after my much needed holiday; I picked myself up, dusted myself off and I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store for me. 
I was feeling quite spendy having discovered Mecca in Australia and thought a haul would be a nice way to ease myself back into the swing of things. Most of these products were purchased purely on the recommendations of some of my favourite Irish Bloggers, the enabling bunch that they are..

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in 'Deauville' - This has been on my lust-have list for the longest time but unfortunately for me we don't have a NARS counter in Cork so I couldn't swatch it and although looking at swatches I had Deauville in mind as my shade but I wasn't willing to risk my €40 by buying online. I've worn it twice since buying it and can safely say, we're going to be great friends!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Every blogger and their mother have raved about this palette. It took every ounce of my willpower not to splash out on it before now, but I'm so glad I waited as I made a massive saving by buying it in Australia nabbing it for just €51!! 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in 'Vanilla' - Another cult favourite in the blogging community, it's supposed to hide a multitude of sins. Both me and my jet lag look forward to putting this through its paces.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer & No28 Primer Serum - I couldn't decide between the two of these, they both felt lovely on the skin but couldn't justify buying 2 full size primers instead opting for a travel size off each of them. Having worn both, the primer serum is nudging ahead slightly but we'll see. I might do a comparison post in the future.

NARS 'Laguna' Bronzing Powder - Quite possibly one of the most famous NARS products of all time. If I was starting a NARS collection at all this needed to be in it. I've tried it once so far and it's really natural. I was hoping to use it as a contour shade but it's a little to subtle at the moment, I'll give it a proper test once my tan fades..

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in 'Mood Exposure' - I wanted to get the Blush palette as not only did it contain 'mood exposure' but I thought for the price it would be a great way to try a few different shades as I tend to opt for neutral shades on my cheeks. Unfortunately, it is out of stock everywhere. Having said that, Mood exposure is even more glorious in person and will get loads of wear!

Last and no means least, I managed to get my hands on not one but TWO of the most coveted lip shades of 2014 'Soar' by MAC. I has been sold out everywhere for months and I along with half of the female population have been hunting it down since it was announced that it is what Kylie Jenner uses to create her perfect pout.

I thought it would only be fair to share my luck by giving one of them away to one of my followers.

To win you MUST follow @Give_A_Posy on Instagram AND Regram this picture with #giveaposygiveaway 

The winner will be picked at random and announced next Tuesday on instagram. 

Competition IS open internationally

*Please note that if you're instagram profile is on private it won't be counted as I cannot see the Regram.

Best of luck  x

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