Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips | Review

Although these Lip Lacquers could be almost considered a "cult product" at this stage. Up until yesterday I did not own one. Mainly because I am not a gloss kinda girl and I like to keep my lips pretty matte. But with the wedding yesterday I decided to escape my comfort zone and embrace a little gloss!

They come in 8 shades all of which are very wearable colours and colours I would go for normally. The shade I picked up is called 'Nude Eclipse' and it is basically a nude lip colour with just a hint of gloss. The colour is actually near identical to 'Lady's Choice' by Benefit. 

I have heard some great reviews about these in the past and admittedly I was quite excited to try them out! My experience however has left me with a less desirable review for you tonight. On first application it did glide on very well but it had a awful smell (kinda like the smell you'd associate with a lippie that is about ten years old) - not impressed. It also felt quite powdery on my lips as apposed to the glossy texture I was expecting. As for lasting time, again I was left disappointed. I know I was probably eating and drinking more than I would be on an average day but I had heard that these last for hours without needing to be reapplied. This is the reason I bought it in the first place as I didn't want to be reapplying it all night and unfortunately that is what I had to do. It literally lasted for about 20 minutes before it was like I had never applied anything. They have left my lips feeling very dry today and in need of a good scrub. 

The applicator itself I did like, it was just a typical doe foot applicator with a little indent in it to hold extra product so you won't have to keep dipping it in and out of the tube to get more out. However I don't think that the applicator alone is reason enough for me to repurchase this product. Although I love all of the shades in the collection I will not be forking out for another one. They are priced at €7.95 and available throughout Ireland in most chemists and in Boots of course.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Lovely Lady experience at the Cocoa Brown Blogger Event

In case you didn't know.. Or have been living under a rock for the past few weeks. I attended my first ever Blogger event last weekend! I was literally bursting with excitement ever since I got the invite and I couldn't have been happier that it was a Cocoa Brown get together. Along with all the excitement, I was quite anxious as I haven't been blogging very long (since May) and I was going to be meeting some of the biggest bloggers in the country.

The event or the "Lovely ladies afternoon tea" as it was described on the invite was to be held in The Radisson Blu St. Helens hotel in Dublin on Saturday last with a dress code of Pink (of course!).
As I was going to be traveling to Dublin at all I decided to make a weekend out of it and booked myself into the hotel for the night as a treat for my early start and with the intention of spending Sunday searching for a dress for my 21st Birthday which is only a few weeks away (I'm still on the search by the way..). 

The whole morning was a coffee fueled blur if I'm totally honest and a bit of a rush to ensure I arrived to the hotel with enough time to make myself presentable with just enough time to poke around the room before nervously making my way down to the 'Orangerie' where the event was to take place. I was absolutely starstuck on meeting THE Marissa Carter and her wonderful Cocoa Brown Team (Ashling and Sarah) unfortunately we didn't get to meet the lovely Stephanie but I'm sure we will. 
The whole event felt very personal, we got to know exactly where Cocoa Brown began and a little about each of the lovely ladies. Marissa herself made a very heartfelt and emotional speech - thanking the Irish beauty bloggers for their reviews and support for the product from the get go. This is where the tears stopped however and the fun really began. We were absolutely spoilt on the day with spot prizes and vouchers and a lovely No.7 goodie bag. All of this before we tucked into all the treats, lovingly prepared by the Radisson Staff. The put such a massive amount of effort into the day down the detailed watermelon sculpture and the pink "CB" initialed on the tiny treats. 
The room screamed girly glamour, the tables adorned with pink Gerbera's and Sachets of Cocoa Brown 'Tough Stuff' along with Cocoa Brown iPhone covers for us all! Cute little quote's about tea scattering around the room. So much thought was put into the whole day -It was fabulous!

Along with saying a massive thank you to Marissa, Sarah and Ashling for having me. I have to say a massive thank you to YOU! Without you reading my blog and being as supportive as you are I would not have had this opportunity. I really cannot thank you all enough, it means the world to me really. (I'm having my own Anne Hathaway moment now!!) You have made it possible for me to meet some incredible people who all share a common interest and for that I am very grateful!

Until next time.. x

Monday, August 19, 2013

Crown Brush UK - 10 Colour Concealer Palette | Review

I was very will I? or won't I? about this product so I held off, that was until a lovely reader requested it (you know who you are). So that was the end of it, out came the card and the order was made within minutes. I got a email the following morning to say it had been shipped. A speedy service like this isn't easy to come by and for me, it is like a gift from God as I am SO impatient! Since I announced that I had ordered it, it has got to be one of the most sought after reviews and I'm sorry its taken so long. But, ultimately I'm not going to review something before I've really put it to the test!

 So I have played with it throughout the last week. A lot of trial and error but at the end of the day I wanted the illusion of bone structure I unfortunately was not blessed with (feel free to insert a sympathetic "awww.." here).  There was a lot of brush washing involved (you will need more than one brush for this) and of course a few "selfies" for good measure. I have found a method of application that suits me and I can see a difference myself, even my dad noticed a difference!!

I have tried two different methods of applying this. You can either apply it before or after your foundation. I personally found that applying it before my foundation made it easier to work into the skin, you could also afford to go a little darker with your contour for a more dramatic, chiseled look. The concealer itself is quite heavy and as someone prone to getting a few spots, I did fear  that I would breakout, to myself surprise and delight I did not! 
Because it is quite dramatic, I would not recommend it for a day-time makeup unless of course it is the look you're looking to achieve.

The one and only qualm I have is with lighter shades in the palette. I am what my mother likes to refer to as "lily white". You really cannot get much paler than my natural skin colour. It is recommended when contouring that you use a colour two shades darker than your foundation and again two shades lighter for highlighting. This did pose a problem as the lightest colour in the palette is almost identical to the colour I use as a concealer for covering up redness and dark circles etc. and as a result it did not give me the effect I was hoping for... Unfortunately! 
However, all was not lost. All I needed to do was apply a pearlescent highlighter ('Moon beam' by Benefit is what I used) on top to achieve the desired look. The lighter concealers will not be wasted either as I will use them to camouflage in the future.

The palette is available directly from CrownBrushUk here. It is priced at £16.99 plus P&P. In total I paid €27.23 for palette and very speedy delivery. For this price, you really cannot go wrong. You will notice a difference immediately. Would I buy it again? Yes! I mean you get 10  high quality full coverage concealers. You'd pay the same, if not more for one high-end concealer. I also think the palette would be brilliant for a makeup artists kit as you have pretty much every concealer colour you will ever need in one neat little palette. 

Here is a beginners guide to highlighting/contouring depending on your face shape. All you need to remember is that you are contouring the places where you want to create shadow and stream line (under your cheekbones and along your jaw) and you are highlighting the places you want the light to hit ( your cheekbones, cupids bow and down the centre of your nose).

Happy Contouring! x

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Scrub | Review

I am a Cocoa Brown Fanatic! There is no denying that... But what happens when the time comes to tone down the tan? Whether you're going back to work or simply preparing your skin for the next application a good scrub is a necessity.
I was lucky enough to be sent some of Cocoa Brown's latest creation. 'Tough Stuff' scrub is the latest and greatest from our very own Marissa Carter. What you get is a sachet filled with vibrant girly pink goodness, with the light gardenia scent associated with cocoa brown - A girly girls dream!

I have tried my fair share of scrubs over the years and have been less than impressed with the majority. As I have stated in a previous post I find myself going back to my own home-made scrub. But there is something different about 'Tough Stuff', maybe its the runny consistency or the tiny scrubbing particles. Whatever it is - it works! 
To be honest, when I first saw the product I was a bit iffy about it. A sachet? Really? Would that be enough? I'm no size 6 supermodel after all! I have to say I have been more than impressed with it! This sachet has scrubbed me from head to toe twice already both before and after my last application of Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan (My personal favourite) with enough scrub left to remove my next application- Success!
The scrub is recommended for the rough area's such a feet, elbows and knees and although it is non invasive it is not recommended for the face. I used it all over the night before applying my tan and it left my skin absolutely glowing, dare I say radiant even? Silky smooth, the perfect canvas for my tan.
 When applying the tan you could feel the difference, I mean Cocoa Tan is fool proof but after scrubbing with tough stuff? It just seemed to glide on more smoothly than before. I was left with a perfect, even golden brown tan!

           (The lighter patch on my hand is down to lighting - I would not leave the house with a white patch on my hand)

 However, it wouldn't really be a proper review if I didn't have something to work with so solely for the intention for review I had to let my tan get a little funky! 

(Be warned there are feet to come!!) 
Here is a before and after of the tan on my feet - as you can see Tough Stuff brings your skin back to the harsh reality with a bang. Pasty white once more!

When removing the tan I applied the scrub to my dry skin working it into the areas that needed it most then jumped into the shower and using a mitt I gave my skin an all over buff and I was ready to apply again the next morning, It really is as easy as that! The scent in the shower makes the daunting task almost desirable and doesn't leave your skin feeling raw! I really cannot praise it enough and I hope it gets the appreciation it deserves. 

All I want to know now is when the rest of the Cocoa Brown Bath and Body products are going to be on our shelves as I have no doubt that there is plenty more to come.

I am also very excited to be one of a few invited to meet the lady herself. I will be traveling to Dublin on Saturday next to meet Marissa and some of the lovely Irish beauty bloggers I come to know over the past few months! I will have my camera at the ready so expect loads of snaps! I will even be braving PINK nails for the occasion!!

Although Cocoa Brown's 'Tough Stuff' isn't widely available throughout Ireland just yet, you can pick it up for €2.99 on Cloud10beauty or for those of you a little further afield you can get 2 sachets for just £4.50 on FeelUnique

Happy Tanning! x

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

M.A.C In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara | Review

 In Extreme Dimension Lash

Remember way back when I said I didn't think I'd ever find a mascara that tops my love YSL's Volume effect faux cils? Well I think I may have to eat my words...
As some of you may know from Facebook, I went on a bit of a MAC binge last week. A well needed one might I add. I picked up lots of bits and pieces and to be totally honest I was in two minds about buying this mascara. All I could think at the time is am I really going to spend another €23.50 on something I'll use once or twice? Luckily I'm easily persuaded and might I add Sinead at the MAC counter in Brown Thomas, Cork did a great job convincing me. Thank you Sinead!

I am absolutely besotted. Head over heels in LOVE with this Mascara. It is amazing! The brush is massive, has rubber bristles which are all exactly the same length to give you a long, full lash look. These bristles extend onto the tip of the brush making it easier to work with the shorter lower lashes and those on the inner corner of your eye. One coat of this lightweight formula and your lashes are good to go - no curlers required for this beauty.

The formula is not thick and dries quickly without becoming flaky to give you a dramatic, wide-eyed look. This is exactly what I look for in a mascara, all the bonus' with minimum effort. Everything down to the handle of this mascara has been designed to absolute perfection, it is longer than the average wand and the shape of it makes it easier to grasp and switch from left to right eye and back again.

I genuinely think I have found 'THE ONE' and to say I'll be disappointed if MAC ever decide to discontinue this mascara is an understatement. There will be a strongly worded email sent - let me tell you. I know it isn't as affordable as the likes of Rimmel and Maybelline but it is a good bit cheaper than YSL's faux cils and thats good enough for me. Especially when it's for something like mascara, no look is complete without it! Life is all about compromise!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Maybelline Eyeliner-Matic | Review

So this is going to be one of quite a few reviews that you guys have requested. Maybelline? A brand I have only recently truly discovered since I started blogging. It was never one of the brands I reached for in chemists etc. and I have been really loving it, I have praised quite a few of their products over the past few months and I have no doubt I'll have plenty more good things to say about the brand in the future. Unfortunately.. This is where the praise ends in this post.To say I do not like this liner is a bit of an understatement to be totally honest. 

Basically, it is a retractable eyeliner pencil with a sharpener. All sounds fine, right? Wrong. It comes in one colour, "Intense Black". This really was the start of my dislike for the product, I like options. I have blue eyes, I like a brown liner! Makeup and clothes are two completely different things. Yes, one size may fit all, but one colour by no means suits all.

 I swatch'd it in the chemist and it seemed alright, just like any other black liner.I took it home and it actually kind of hurt my eyes while I was applying it.So if you have eyes that are in any way sensitive or eyes that water easily - This is NOT the product for you. You will end up making a big watery mess of your eye makeup. When it was applied, it was nowhere near the "Intense Black" you are being promised, almost sheer. I think I got maybe an hour before it had completely worn away to a point where it was like I had never applied it at all. The sharpener? Don't even bother, you'll just end up making a mess. It is a waste of time and eyeliner.

I think it's safe to say I was not impressed. Will I be repurchasing it? Eh..NO! I'll be sticking to a plain ole Kohl pencil - in BROWN!! The likes of Model Co, Bourjois or gosh are all safe bets when it comes to liner. Don't worry Maybelline, we all make mistakes. I won't give up on you that easily. 

P.s: Like I have mentioned previously, if there is a product you would like my opinion on, please don't hesitate to ask. I am by no means a makeup artist or an expert for that matter but what I can guarantee is a brutally honest opinion!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Brisa Lite | My Experience - Second Treament

Hi All,

I hope you're all in good health! Today's post is just a quick update on my treatment- Brisa Lite treatment that is. 

I had my second application removed on Friday last and the results are mind boggling. My nails are completely unaffected by the treatment to date. The only difference is in length and strength.
 Like I mentioned previously length was something I struggled with as a nail biter and something I thought I could never achieve. Fortunately for me, Brisa Lite has come to my rescue and I actually had to ask for my length to be reduced in my last appointment. I have found a length that suits both me and my lifestyle with the added bonus of longer looking fingers - what a dream!

Not bad for ten days right? As for strength. It feels as though my nail cells have doubled in the last few weeks. I no longer look at them in fear when I bang them and just go out my day as normal. I can put pressure on them and they do not bend. I think is safe to say I am in awe!!
During this weeks appointment, it was decided that I no longer needed the application of the sculpting gel as nails no longer need the support, instead just a layer of the smoothing gel (this is due to the slight indentations in my natural nail - a direct result of wearing gel nails). 
To say it was a boost was an understatement. I was so confident that I decided, with a little persuasion on Olive's part to add a little "bling" with a glittery accent nail. Which might I add is so not me.. Turns out I love a little sparkle. Blogging is turning me into a real girly girl and I have no real choice but to embrace it!

This week's nails consisted of 'THE WHITE NAIL' look I have literally been obsessing over all summer long, with an added "Disco Ball" accent nail. One that is proving quite popular among my readers. Have I set a new trend? Am I now a trend-setter? Who knows!? 
I have to say, white nails are far more manageable than I could have imagined, because they are so white it actually looks like I have a natural tan and although I do have quite a bit of growth it is hardly noticeable - well not unless you look for it anyway!

Here they are, for those of you who haven't seen them. Getting my nails done and reading the most recent edition of ELLE magazine. It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it!!

Thanks again to Olive of Piggys Pinkies West Cork and to Niall O' Sullivan Photography for the photographs. 

Rebecca x

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sleek Blushers | Review

My new obsession has to be Sleek Cosemetics.. I've been watching beauty 'vloggers' on YouTube rave about this brand for literally years and since investing in my first sleek blusher back in March!? I have fallen more and more in love with the brand.. To the point where I have completely given up on my beloved Benefit blushers. Why pay thirty odd euro when you can get a more pigmented product at a fraction of the price?

These are flawless.. Literally! They are highly pigmented. They are not chalky and will not oxidise on the skin. The lasting power is second to none and the range of colours? Don't even get me started on those. Everything from bright orange to a deep berry in both matte and shimmer. The colour's can be bought individually or in a set of three (making them even more affordable).  

To date I own six shades ( 3 individual shades and a Blush by 3 'Lace'). The 3 individual shades I own are as follows;

Flushed - A deep berry shade ,perfect for autumn/winter. It will look so fabulous with a deep vampy lip. Although it may look intimidating if you apply it sparingly you'll get a lovely pop of colour on your cheeks. 

Suede - A light matte brown colour, it can be used on the cheeks but I use it as a contour powder. It works perfectly for anyone like myself with the typical (pale) Irish complexion.

Rose Gold - This is my absolute favourite of all the Sleek shades. It is a beautiful peachy coral colour flecked with gold glitter. It is such a flattering colour and the perfect alternative to the (almost over used at this stage) dusty pink providing a healthy looking golden glow during the summer months. It has been compared time and time again to Nars 'Orgasm' and rightly so.. However you get more product 8g's compared Nars' 5g for a fraction of the price. 

I also own a 'Blush by 3' in lace.  I wonder what caught my eye there? It has to be the shade called 'Crochet' a vibrant orange colour. Clearly I was feeling very daring at the time!!

This palette is fabulous.. 

Crochet - An eye catching and very bold orange. It looks extremely intimidating when you see it first but it is surprisingly wearable.. Even for the palest of us! It is very pigmented, as are all of the sleek blushers but can be applied sparsely and blended in well.

Guipure - At first hand looks near identical to 'Rose gold' but is in face far sheerer and makes a brilliant highlight. There is more gold in this blush and it captures the light beautifully.

and finally..

Chantilly - I would call this a true coral colour.  It is probably most suited to Olive/darker skin tones but as with all of the blushes if it is applied with caution it is very wearable.

Overall, as a whole I really cannot not fault the product itself. My only qualm is the packaging, although it looks as sleek as it is named. The clasp to open it is quite stiff and if like me you are cautious of your nails you will have a bit of bother.. A pen comes in handy at this point! Like I have said previously, these blushes have replaced benefit's blushers completely for me personally after a love affair going back quite a number of years thats not bad going is it?

I purchased my blushers from Cloud10beauty (The best discovery of 2013 I have made to date).  Not the easiest brand to get your hands on in Ireland admittedly but well worth all the effort! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pink lippie | My favorites

I got a few questions when I posted this photo on Facebook / Instagram  a couple of weeks ago.. So I thought I'd do a quick post on some of my fav pink lippies for you lovely ladies!!

If any of you know me, you'll know that I love a bright, bold lip.. As we all know pink makes the boys wink, whether it's fuchsia, coral or a champagne pink - You really can do no wrong!

The lipstick I'm wearing in the photo is by Barry M in the Shade 146, a great dupe for MAC's 'Candy Yum Yum' at a fraction of the price! The lip liner I'm wearing is also by Barry M, it is in Shade 12 and is the liner I use with the majority of my pink lipsticks as it blends in really well and gives a nice bit of definition.

My absolute favourite pink lipstick of all time is called 'Pink Sizzle' by Face Atelier. I bought this on Cloud10Beauty at the start of the year. It is absolutely DIVINE!! So pigmented and wears off so well and is so moisturising. Click here for the link, they are half price at the moment! Needless to say I'll be picking up one or two more of the shades!

From left to right in the swatches: Left is Barry M in the shade 146, centre is Face Atelier in the shade 'Pink Sizzle' and on the right is the Barry M lip liner in the shade 12. The two lipsticks look quite similar in the swatches but on the lips the Face Atelier one has a more "bluey" undertone.

Again.. Left is the Barry M in shade 146 and to the right is Face Atelier in the shade 'Pink Sizzle'

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