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Crazy Angel Spray Tan | Review

As I'm sure you are all well aware at this stage, I am a die-hard Cocoa Brown fanatic. It is my holy grail tan. I was at a wedding last weekend and I wanted to get a Cocoa Brown spray tan done, however unfortunately for me, nowhere locally have it and I was half tempted to do my own - my only worry however was that if I did, it would be the one time that I'd make an absolute hames of it (as fool proof as it is). So I put the word out there that I was looking to get a spray tan done. I got quite a few recommendations and I decided to go to LA Beauty Clinic in Clonakilty.

I am not someone who is big on spray tans to begin with. I've had a disaster or two with spray tans in the past, including being left patches of skin that wear not sprayed. And I'd be quite self conscious dropping down to my smalls in front of a complete stranger but for the weekend that was in it, I was willing to sacrifice my dignity.

The tan used in LA is called 'Crazy Angel'. If i'm totally honest I had never heard of it before and that made me apprehensive, I didn't want to be tangoed.
I got my tan done on the Thursday afternoon before the wedding which was on Saturday and was advised to leave it overnight and to shower on Friday to take away any excess tan. It is a gradual tan and takes about six hours to show its true colour.
Another thing I was quite apprehensive about was having my face sprayed, I am quite prone to dry patches on my face, along with a spot or ten and I didn't want the tan to flake away or stick to the dry patches. So as a rule, I never EVER tan my face (real or fake). I was so surprised and absolutely thrilled when it didn't.
I woke up Friday morning with a beautiful, natural golden glow - like I had spent the past two weeks sunning myself in the south of France! After my shower it did lighten,but only slightly. It was the perfect shade for me as I don't like my tan too deep. If I was to describe it, I'd say the colour was comparable to leaving Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan on for 2hrs which is "the norm" for me. The tan itself has a beautiful light perfumed scent while being applied but does dry to that awful biscuity smell, not as bad as other tans I've tried however..

I was very pleasantly surprised by the tan's coverage, I have quite thin skin on my legs and the veins are quite obvious, as are bumps and bruises. I found Crazy Angel to be almost like a makeup for the body (similar to Sally Hansen's Leg Makeup) without the powdery finish. I genuinely felt like I had nothing on and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth.
The tan wears off quite well and is perfect for a long weekend or a wedding if you need your tan to last for a few days. Towards the end of this week it was gradually starting to build up around my ankles, knees etc. So a good scrub was needed!

I was so impressed by it I have to say, so much so that I am getting it done again this Thursday in preparation for my 21st on Saturday night! I am sure this tan probably won't be to everyone's liking but if you are looking for a natural, sun kissed glow for a special occasion I'd definitely recommend giving this tan a whirl. A full body spray tan is €25 and If you take care of it, you will get the bones of a week out of the tan.

(I realised after getting sprayed that I forgot to take a before picture - so here is the result instead)


Finally, I cannot finish this post without saying thank to the Lovely Yvonne in LA who sprayed me. She made me feel so comfortable and completely at ease. She was so chatty it felt like I was done in seconds. She was so thorough that after I stepped out of the tanning booth, she sent me back in for a quick touch up in areas she wasn't happy with - so preofessional.

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