Monday, June 3, 2013

Maybelline - Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara

Mascara for me for has always been my die hard staple product and no look is ever complete without 2-3 coats even if I'm wearing falsies..  I have searched both high and low over the years for my perfect mascara as I have possibly the shortest, straightest lashes in existence it did take me quite some time! The 'YSL' volume express faux cils mascara (one of the pricier ones at €31.50 a pop in Brown Thomas) has been my go to for about 2 years now!? 
So on yet another venture into my local chemist this one caught my attention, turquoise being one of my all time favorite colours I said I'd chance it and my god was I glad I did! The brush is literally MASSIVE and as we all know bigger is better when it comes to lashes! It is a gel mousse mascara, a nice thick consistency that really lifts and separates each individual lash without weighing them down. Not only that but it doesn't dry out your lashes meaning you can layer the product to your hearts desire! It doesn't clump either which wasn't a big deal for me personally but I know some girls can't deal with clumpy mascara. And the curl? You get the most voluminous curl imaginable!!

 The one and only downfall with this product for me was the flexi-head, I really do not see the point in it as it doesn't hold the bend. I felt I didn't have as much control over it as I would with a normal stiff wand but it is something that you could get used to. Is it enough to put me off repurchasing the product? No, definitely not but it hasn't knocked my beloved faux cils from its #1 spot either and being completely honest, I don't think anything ever will..

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