Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lush UltraBland Cleanser | Review*

I love a challenge and after attending a blogger event in Lush on Oliver Plunkett street in Cork I decided to take them up on the challenge of re-balancing my skin using their UltraBland Cleanser. It is voted #1 Desert Island Product by the Lush founders and claims to re-balance the most problematic skin in just 1 month of use.

Having been a big fan of the brand for years, it might surprise you to know that this was in fact the first skincare product I have tried by them.
 I'm not going to say I was skeptical but in all honesty I wasn't 100% convinced by their claim either. Who would be? You'd look twice at the best known skincare brands in the business made if they made such a claim.

Let me start off by saying that it doesn't smell great, for want of a better description its a bit like stale beer. Unlike your typical cleanser this is an emulsifying cleanser so it is quite thick. If you like the consistency of a cleansing balm you'll like this. 

It is made with an almond oil base so it is really hydrating, so much so that you can get away without moisturising afterwards which is great for anyone who has a laid-back approach to skincare.
 Honey acts as a natural antiseptic so you will notice any pesky spots begin to clear as the days go on.. and the rose water content will calm irritated skin. 

You simply apply it to dry skin and massage in circular motions, the warmth of your hands will help penetrate the product to remove all the dirt, grime and makeup from your pores. Then using a hot flannel or facecloth you wipe off the product.(you need to use hot water - well warm water at least). Avoid a muslin cloth because it just isn't gritty enough and you'll be left with what feels like a slime-y layer on your skin. 

A picture really does say a thousand words so I have included both before and after photos of my trial below:

Having used this as my night time cleanser every night for a little over a month, I think my skin can attest to the fact that this product really does work. Hormonal breakouts have been less hormonal - My skin is clearer, brighter and more hydrated than it has been in a long, long time and this is the only change I've made to my skincare routine.
While I am always going to have some degree of scarring from previous bouts of acne, I have to say my skin looks pretty good right now and its all down to UltraBland. 

It is priced at approximately €15 for a 100g tub which based on my calculations will last you approximately 4 months if used daily. 

I now challenge you to put UltraBland to the test.


Amy said...

This, and you, look fantastic! Well done lush x

Rebecca said...

Wow, that's worked really well, what gorgeous skin you've got. Very tempted to try.this myself although I'm not usually into balmy cleansers. Well written post :)
Rebecca, from The Two Twenty Somethings (

Lotte said...

I adore lush' shower products but i've never used their skin care stuff. I have to say that it looks lovely, you really can see a difference! Maybe I will try it too in the future :)

Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

your skin is fabulous!

Unknown said...

Awww thank you Amy! I was so self conscious before posting it, but I'm so glad I did. Everyones response has been so positive. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Rebecca, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be confident enough to post this but then I just thought.. Its not my skin anymore.

I only use them at night time, I couldn't use them in the morning.. I use a foaming cleanser in the morning but find that they can be quite drying.

Unknown said...

This was the first one I tried from them Lotte, I never really bothered looking at the skincare there before but I'll be trying some more stuff really soon. They're hair products are my favourite <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Grace! I'm literally blushing all day, everyone has been so kind! Hopefully me sharing my acne woes will help someone else :)

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