Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cocoa Brown Night&Day Tan Review

So as some of you may know.. Last week I purchased the New Cocoa Brown Night&Day Tan, I was beyond excited, and to see it in my local chemist not long after it was first released.This will tell you just how MASSIVE Cocoa Brown has become.. Delighted! 

A quick run down on the tan:
The main difference between the original Cocoa Brown and the new night and day version is that the new one is instant, no need to wait the hour or 3 for it to develop. You simply apply, get dressed and you're good to go! It does, however, develop slightly while you are wearing it to create a light and healthy glow (similar to the colour achieved by leaving the original on for 1hour) once you have showered which I must say is a really nice touch.I know myself from experience that you can look a little worse for wear after a night out! Such an ingenious idea - I wish I thought of it!!

 Again like the original your tan is BROWN, not orange. However it is a lot lot darker, so if you like your tan really deep and bronzed this is the perfect tan for you! Now it is instant, so bear that in mind when you are wearing it as there may be a slight amount of transfer onto clothes but nothing near as bad as other instant tans. *ahem* 'Rimmel Sun Shimmer' *ahem* 

It smells a lot nicer than other instant tans too, you get that same light, floral Tahitian Gardenia scent! 

*This picture really does not do the Tan any justice.. It was like DARK dark!*

For me? The colour is my only gripe, I like my tan to look quite natural, light and sun-kissed! So I felt that the immediate intensity of the colour was just too much for me personally! I know some of you will be thinking that I'm mad and maybe I am but at the end of the day it is all down to personal preference and I am by no means knocking the tan itself! I just wish it came a shade lighter.. (Hint, Hint Marissa!!) So personally I will be sticking with the original, leaving it on for 2 hours to create my ideal shade! 

Finally, so irrelevant yet so relevant is this..

I just thought it was such a personal touch to add to the bottles. Again maybe that's just me!

Hope you're enjoying the blog! I'd love to hear your opinions/feedback on the products I've been reviewing. Have you tried any of them? Feel free to leave a comment, message me on facebook or tweet me


Cocopops said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog and I must say I enjoyed (and enjoy) reading them! :) Love your tan / home made exfoliating posts!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Val, Thanks so much for the comment! Really appreciate all the feed back! I have a facebook page that you may be interested in! I update it regularly and I'm regularly make requests for readers to let me know what they'd like to have reviewed! :)

Rebecca x

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