Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"My name is Rebecca and I love to shop.."

If 'Shoppers Anonymous' was a thing it'd be safe to say I'd have more than one person enrolling me. I don't know what it is about shopping but it gives me a sort of high.. A rush of excitement as I enter my pin (or click confirm if it's an online order). I know its bad, really bad! That is why as of today I am officially back on a spending ban.. No more shopping!!! 
I'm a "Beauty Blogger" primarily but I do have an unquenchable thirst for all things fashion related, if you follow my Facebook Page or my Instagram you'll already know this. Shoes being my biggest weakness. So, as of today I am officially back on a spending ban.. No more shopping!!! I can look but I cannot "purch".. 
To get me through the next few weeks I've compiled a list of my Pay-Day Lust haves to ogle at and if I'm good I may even have one or two or even all of these in my possession at the end of it.

1. I had to be almost dragged away from these pastel pink pointed toe courts in Zara today. I have fallen madly, passionately, hopelessy in love with them. I love that they have a chunky heel and the ankle strap makes them really comfy and easy to walk in. Paired with a tan, they are a Spring/Summer staple and they WILL be mine!! 

They are priced at €69.95 and available here.

2. Watches have become a bit of an obsession for me of late, they really do complete any outfit. The bigger the watch face the better in my opinion. I've been lusting after this Daniel Wellington one since Christmas. I love the distressed brown leather straps. 

It is priced at £159 and available here.

3. White skinny jeans, they are without a doubt a necessity in every girls wardrobe. I have a pair already but they gather at the knee and it makes me crazy. I love these ankle length ones from Diesel and the zip detailing just makes them. WANT!

They are priced at €168.55 and available here.

4. A kimono, I haven't found my perfect one as of yet but my hunt hasn't ended yet. They can be dressed up or down and they're the perfect alternative to a cardi for those warm summer nights. 

5. Satchels, they're so stylish and so practical.I have a few in my possession however they're all "high-street" purchases and now I want the real deal. This one from The Leather Satchel Co. is just screaming at me.

It is priced at €135 and available here.

6. To say I'm obsessed with my Mi Moneda is a slight understatement. It was an incredibly generous gift from my parents from my 21st birthday last September. They bought me the rose gold coin holder and chain. For Christmas last year I gifted myself a silver coin holder to add a second coin to my chain, of late I've been looking at getting a silver chain for my for the silver coin holder. I also need a few new coins as most of my were bought with the intention of wearing them in the rose gold one. Lilywho have so many, I want them all!! AND they offer FREE shipping to Ireland and the UK. I definitely see an order in the pipeline.

There are dozens more on this wanties list but I fear if I go on much more, I'll add another dent to my bank balance or end up in tears.. 

What is on your lust have list at the moment?

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