Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Waxperts Wonder Pads | Review*

Ingrown hairs are the bane of women's lives everywhere. If you wax/shave there really is no escaping them. They're painful and just plain ugly to look at. 
For me personally, I get them just around my knees. Especially if I apply tan too soon after waxing/shaving my legs and I was an absolute "Divil" for attacking them with tweezers. This only results in them becoming more red and more irritated - not the look you want to achieve. TMI? Probably..

While ingrown hairs are inevitable, they can be treated and luckily for me, Waxperts came to my rescue and sent me some of their renowned Ingrown Hair Pads to try out. 

You simply rub the perforated side of the pad over the "affected" area before and after shaving or waxing and you'll seen an improvement almost immediately. These beauties aren't just for girls either, men need to know about these too!! They can be used anywhere and everywhere *wink*

They contain Salicylic Acid which acts as an exfoliator by causing skin cells to shed more regularly and unclog pores by tightening them. It us also a well known treatment for acne.
Rosemary, known for its anti-inflammatory properties accelerates the skins healing process while combating any itchiness. And finally Panthenol to moisturize the skin.

They aren't just to treat ingrown hairs either. You know those red bumps on your upper arms? Keratosis Pilaris? They get rid of those too! So you can confidently bare arms this Summer.

And as for spot treatment? I mentioned earlier that they contain Salicylic Acid which is well known as an acne treatment. Normally I opt to have my lip threaded however, I stupidly had my lip waxed instead a few weeks ago. A big no-no for me as I will undoubtedly end up with spots around my mouth. I was short on time and what can I say? I'm only human. Anyway, I rubbed a pad across my lip that night and when I woke up the redness had gone comepletely, my spots had significantly reduced and they weren't nearly as sore. Within two days, they were completely gone.

While they won't entice me to wax my lip in future, I know that they will pick up the pieces should I find myself in this situation again. I mentioned them in my Spring Beauty Must-Haves post and they are just that - MUST HAVES!

They take all of two seconds to use, they're affordable and most importantly they really do work! They definitely win 'Holy Grail' Status in my books and I won't be without them from now on.

They are priced at €9.99 and available here.

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