Monday, June 9, 2014

Gel Polish: Take it from someone who knows | My Experience

I have seen a lot of hate towards gel polish in the "Blogosphere" of late and I thought it was high time I shared my thoughts on the subject. I have been wearing gel polish with a little over a year and a half having given up on extensions which had left my nails paper thin and brittle. In the past twelve months I have experimented with Shellac, Gelish, OPI Gel colour, Axxium and Perfect Match - You name it, I've tried them all!

I get my nails done religiously every three weeks as a treat, only having the polish removed to be reapplied within minutes and I can honestly say, hand on my heart that the integrity of my natural nails has not been hindered or in any way compromised by the use of gel polish. If anything, I owe my long, strong nails to it. My nail growth is incredible, I have to get the length taken back at every appointment because tallons just aren't practical when working on a computer all day everyday.

Before blaming your weakened/damaged nails on gel polish. Ask yourself this? Did you have a branded polish applied? CND for example? Did the nail tech use an electric file or drill on your nails prior to application?(this is a big NO NO!) Did you have it removed properly in a Salon? Did you remove it yourself? Did you pick it off?
Gel Polish application whether it be Shellac or Gelish etc. on average costs about €25-€30. This cost is there because it takes about 40 minutes all in all to have it applied, they are using branded products and your nail technician is fully qualified. If you see a deal on Groupon or the likes for a €10 gel manicure, it may sound like a great bargain at the time but just think about what is being compromised on to give you such a great deal? Something has to give..
It should always be removed in a salon by a professional  where the gel seal is broken, acetone soaked cotton wool is applied to the nail and it is wrapped in foil to penetrate the acetone and aid with the breakdown of the gel. Once the nail is removed from the foil your polish should have lifted and come away with little or no help from the nail tech. The removal of the gel polish in the correct way ensures your nails are left in perfect condition - no damage!
My natural nails after gel polish removal and ready for the next application. (Excuse the dodgy quality of the photo it was taken on an iPhone)
Please excuse the photo spamming, I just wanted to give you an idea of the consistency of length, my nail growth etc. I am in no way telling you to give up on wet polish, or to go out and get a gel manicure. What I am saying, like everything in life - don't knock it til you've tried it.

I do still have an accident every once in a while where down to the klutz I am I break a nail, nothing that a silk wrap won't heal though! 
Not so long ago a silk wrap completely saved my nail having broken it half way down the nail bed right across almost, I had 2 wraps applied to it and over the course of  5 weeks it had grown out completely and most importantly.. I didn't loose it! Nail technician are life savers! 

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