Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old Wives Tail - Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Mask | Review*

Much like my skin, I have very dry hair. So every Sunday, without fail I treat my hair to some much needed TLC with a deep conditioning hair mask. I mix it up from week to week, trying different brands from high-end to supermarket finds.

Now I'm the first to admit that outside of the weekly hair mask, my hair has taken a real beating over the years - It has been bleached, dyed and straightened within an inch of its life. I took the ultimate plunge back in January and chopped my hair up into a bob. The lengths and ends were saturated in permanent dye and it just hung around my face lifelessly. It was in my best interest at the time but now I'm bored of it, it's far frizzier and more flyaway since I cut it, I rarely let it down anymore and I want my long locks back.. I digress.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a mask from Old Wives Tail, an up and coming organic, handmade haircare brand. Their ethos, similar to that of the likes of Lush and The Body Shop means that they are against animal testing, they do not test on animals nor do they source their products from companies who do. Not only that but 10% of their profits actually go towards charities helping to prevent animal testing.

Some of you may or may not know that I actually suffer from Alopecia from time to time and should really steer clear of chemically laden hair products so knowing that these hair treatments were completely natural, free from parabens and sulfates won me over straight away.

The Mask I opted for after much consideration and discussing my haircare woes with the gorgeous Lily, the creator of OWT (the customer service is extraordinary and she went above and beyond her duties to ensure I chose the right product for me) was the Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

Let me start off by saying how amazing it smells, pepperminty (kinda like bullseye sweets). It lingers in your hair too so every so often you get a waft of it again - Ah-mazing! 

I've been using it for about six weeks now massaging a €2 coin sized amount into my dry hair focusing on the ends. I then wrap my head in clingfilm (attractive I know, you should have seen the snapchats) and leave it there for an hour or two and rinse it out with a double shampoo. The heat of your head will help the oils penetrate deep into the hair follicle nourishing your hair from the inside out.

From the first use you could see a difference, my hair was shiny and sleeker. Soft to the touch and did I mention the smell? Everything you'd want in a hair mask - great! What I've noticed since is the total lack of dandruff. Having changed nothing else in my haircare other than this mask, my scalp is completely clear, not a flake in sight. 

 It is all natural like I said and full of essential oils so it won't aggravate an already irritated scalp. It is made with a base of coconut oil which is know for its moisturising properties, I imagine it would work wonders at calming an itchy/dry scalp.

It is priced at €18.79 normally but is on offer at the moment for €12.53 and is available here. Definitely worth a try if you need a little hair hydration or if like me, you're looking to step away from those nasty chemicals.

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