Thursday, November 21, 2013

"I do!" - Do you really? | Rant

I know you're all thinking 'Here she goes again.. What's wrong with her this time?'

Well, last week while catching up on a stack of magazine's I spotted a piece in LOOK Magazine.

"46% of Women Say They'd Go Dutch On their Engagement Rings, Would You?" 

It frustrated and infuriated me to no end. As women we have fought long and hard for the right to be treated as equals, so why in this day and age are we so stuck in our ways when it comes to Marriage? Why is it only deemed acceptable for women to propose to men on Leap years? Why does it matter who pays for the ring or how much it cost?

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a rock as much as the next girl, BUT are you really willing to wear a down payment of a house on your finger?

I get the symbolism behind the Wedding/Engagement ring, really I do. Its a symbol of Unity, of togetherness. Why does an Engagement ring have to symbolic of HIS willingness to provide for YOU? (Are you planning on being made redundant? No? Well, I'm sure he doesn't either) What if the tables turned? What if he IS made redundant and you are the Sole bread winner? Are you unwillingly to provide for him? I didn't think so..

If it really is symbolic of your commitment to each other, why shouldn't you chip in? You do with all the other expenses? You are they one who will be wearing it after all.

I am by no means slating the opinions of either of the two ladies who debated the topic, they both put up a good argument. This just happens to be my opinion on the matter. I'd love to hear yours. Are you traditional, set in your ways? Or Are you willing to Split the Bill? If the Engagement ring of your dreams was outside of your partners means would you cough up to pay for it?

I know this post is kind of all questions and no answers. It is just so topical. I find myself dying to hear other peoples points of view.

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