Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Beautiful Brows

My love affair with brows started long before my interest in 'beauty' and at the time I had no idea how much of an impact it had on me. It all began way back when I saw Selma Hayek play Frida Kahlo in the movie 'Frida'. Now she had a uni-brow and I am in no way telling you to go out a rock a uni-brow. It is NOT the way forward. I just thought there was something so mysterious and utterly feminine about her and I was fascinated. I had to have it, whatever it was. 

For those of you who don't know who she is, this is her. She was a Mexican Surrealist painter with a colourful private life to say the least. 

Her brows were big, bold and untamed. Shaped perfectly (aside from the uni-brow aspect). They added so much character and structure to an otherwise plain face and since then I have become a firm believer that bigger is better when it comes to brows. 

Throughout my early teens while my friends would spend hours in front of a mirror torturing themselves with a tweezers, I would simply keep my brows from meeting. I have been blessed with quite big brows, but if anything I want MORE because as big as my brows are naturally, they are not full and the hair is quite fair in places. It was only when my real interest in beauty started that I realised that there are ways and means to everything and that a tint can make the world of difference. 

HD brows came out and all of a sudden I wasn't the only one who wanted them. Brows became a work of art and precision was everything. HD brows offer perfect brows in 7 simple steps.

  •  Assessment: During the initial consultation your stylist analyses your face shape and eyebrow requirements and together you decide which brow shape will best suit your personality, your style and your facial features.
  • Step Two – Tinting: A high definition tint is used to even out or darken your eyebrow colour accordingly.
  • Step Three – Waxing: Wax is used to painlessly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the brow area, however if you how very thin skin around your brow area or if the skin is starting the sag this step may be skipped.
  • Step Four – Trimming: Scissors are used to trim back long, wiry and unruly hairs to create a neat and tidy brow line.
  • Step Five – Threading: Threading, the ancient Eastern art of hair removal, involves using a special thread to blend hairs into the brow area, precisely removing unwanted hairs from the brow, creating a streamline look.
  • Step Six – Tweezing: Any stray leftover hairs are tweezed out to perfect your brow.
  • Step Seven – Finish: The treated skin is wiped down with a soothing lotion, hair follicles are closed using a skin calming tonic, and special mineral powders are applied to the area to calm and camouflage any redness. 
Now, as good as your brow technician/stylist/artist is they cannot do all the of work on their own. On your own part you need to step away from the tweezers - bin it! It is recommended that you grow out your brows for about six weeks prior to your appointment - The more hair they have to work with the better. I know it may sound like a lot of work to begin with but trust me, you will reap the rewards in the end - the difference really is phenomenal. Good brows make you look more youthful and add that little hint of mystery. 

I had my brows done about 3 weeks ago and for optimum results I did not touch my brows once for TEN WEEKS!! I personally think the results speak for themselves.

 Trust me ladies, stop tweezing before it is too late. You'll regret it in years to come when you inevitably end up putting your brows into rehab and some of you may not be so lucky. You may end up with permanent bald spots and end up having to get your brows tattooed - I kid you not.

As with everything we have to take the good with the bad and along with the release of the HD brow look came the 'Scouse Brow' this is not a look desired by many. I am all about defining your brows but be careful not to over do it either, you don't want to end up looking like this do you?


Fill in your brows by all means but stick to a colour that looks natural, nothing too dark! I'd recommend starting off with a powder (eye shadow or brow powder) either will work and seal them in place with a clear mascara/brow gel. You don't need to spend a fortune - I myself use an essence one. Beginners especially should steer clear of brow pencils as the result can look quite severe if they aren't blended properly. Another great brow product is one I have mentioned in a previous post. It is the MeMeMe  'Arch Angel'. It is a brow gel and highlighter in one. Click here for the link to the post if you want to have a quick read. It really is a brilliant product and well worth a try!

All that is left is for you to figure out whether you are seductive, mysterious or sexy.

 Happy browzing! x

Ps: My brows were done by Olive of  Piggys Pinkies West Cork. HD brows are not unique to one salon and you will find different variations under different names. Be sure they are trained properly and are not delving into the sowing kit for a reel of thread. Threading is an art form and not one that is learned over night. It well worth it, if it is done right! I personally will never go back to waxing.

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