Monday, October 21, 2013

Face Value | How much is yours worth?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what the true cost of beauty is? or consciously asked yourself how much your makeup bag is worth? 

Well tonight I am going to do that! Sad as it may seem to some of you, I am the person who would be far more traumatised about losing my makeup bag than I would be if I lost my wallet because in reality it's probably worth far more. (Deny it all you want ladies.. I know I'm not alone in this).

I'm delving into the depths of my "day-time" makeup bag and doing some simple calculations out of sheer curiosity. I know I'm not going to be anymore penny-wise as a result, well I might.. If the shock doesn't kill me first!!

I have based today's products on the ones I am currently using, they do vary from time to time depending on my skin, the seasons etc. Also this is my "day-time" makeup so I won't be going into the price of lashes and heavy contouring.

Right, less blabbering Rebecca.. It's time to get down to business!

Base products:
 Primer - New CID cosmetics i-Prime €24
 Foundation - Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturizing foundation €39
 Concealer - Benefit 'Boi-ing' €24
 Highlighter - Benefit 'Moon Beam' €27

Eye products:
Eyeshadow Primer - Maybelline 24hr color tattoo €8
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette €42 or Bobbi Brown Basics eye palette €50
Mascara - MAC in extreme dimension lash mascara €19
Eyeliner -  Natural Collection eye lines €3
Brows - Me Me Me 'Arch Angel' €12

Finishing touches:
Pressed Powder - Maybelline Fit me €12 
Bronzer - Me Me Me Shimmer Stack € 14
Blusher -  Sleek 'Flushed' €6
Finishing Spray - MAC Fix + €19

Benefit 'Ladies Choice' €22 or if I want to go really natural I wear my EOS smooth sphere €7

 These prices are approximate. I'm not going to argue over a few cent..

So there you have it... My current make-up bag is worth approximately €328.00 and this doesn't even include makeup brushes. 

I know it may seem as though it is laden down with high-end products but these are my staples. My go-to products. The good ole reliable's that I go back to time and time again.  Don't worry they have all been trialed and tested against cheaper alternatives to no avail!

I get gifts of vouchers and make up for birthdays and christmas and as with with everything else, if you take care of your makeup it will last a lot longer. Take my Bobbi Brown Palette for example.. I've had it almost 2 years and it is still going strong. (I know we are "supposed" to dump makeup after it has been opened for a period of time - BUT who decided that? The one's who benefit form the naivety of the consumer.. Of course!) Don't be fooled ladies.. Clean brushes make a hell of a difference with increasing your makeups shelf life.

So... Have I piqued your interest enough for you to do a bit of calculating of your own? How much is your makeup bag worth? I'm dying to know!!

Thanks to Makeup Monster for the inspiration to do the post. 


Makeup Monster said...

Ah this makes me feel a little better about mine!!:)

Unknown said...

The way I see it.. I could be spending money on a lot worse! It's a hobby and everyone pays money for what they enjoy! :)

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