Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Karora Glow Glamster Instant Tan | Review

I'm a big believer in supporting Irish and of course supporting local so I'm delighted to announce that tonight's review is of Irish Owned 'Karora' tan. Not only is this brand Irish Owned, it is also Organic. It is full of skin caring botanical's to keep your bronzed skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

The tan under scrutiny this evening is the Glow Glamster Instant Tan in Medium/Dark. I know INSTANT TAN, I know exactly what has come to mind - Rimmel Sun Shimmer after being caught in a shower of rain? Streaks galore? We've all been there. Luckily for us this instant tan is water resistant making tanning nightmares like the one you just had a distant memory. It contains grape seed, macadamia and sweet almond oils to keep your skin nourished and hydrated - something that you just don't get from other chemical-laden tans on the market. 

This tan looks like liquid gold as you squeeze it from the tube and applies like a dream. It can be worn on its own or you can apply it on top of your regular tan for a deeper glow. This is how I wear it. My pins are far from perfect and being completely honest I hate getting them out whether I have a tan or not, but for you? I dared to bare them and I have to say the difference in my own eyes was uncanny. There is a hint of shimmer in this tan however as the glitter particles are absolutely tiny it looks completely natural, a sun-kissed glow if you will. It also has such a beautiful scent, a really clean, fresh citrusy orange scent - Devine!

Liquid gold

This is the medium/dark tan applied to clean (pale and pasty) skin

I have donned this tan on three occasions on my arms, legs and chest and I have to say, a little really goes a long way with this tan, you'd think it was a brand new, unused tube. 
These three particular occasions happened to be 21st's. My own and those of two of my best friends so as I'm sure you can imagine the drink was flowing and as for the dancing? Well the dancing wasn't flowing as well as it could have been. 

Heat, sweaty nightclubs and spilled drinks and still my tan did not budge. I was so impressed!

With all the excitement of the past few weeks, it never occurred to me to take a close up of the tan on my legs and I haven't had a chance since. Instead I offer you this.. A photo of me taken on a friends iPhone. You may not get the complete effect of the tan but at least you'll get a laugh and a look into all the shenanigans of the past few weeks! 

It is priced at approximately €14.99 and available locally from LA beauty Clinic in Clonakilty or Online it can be purchased from my beloved (they are offering 15% off Karora Tan at the moment so be sure to check them out).

Remember to shop local and Glow Glamsters ;) 


Unknown said...

This looks really nice! Might have to invest in some!

Cint @ Makeup and Messes X

Unknown said...

I've been a Cocoa Brown girl since it was released however it's in tough competition with Karora at the moment! So good to see products like these coming from little old Ireland :) I'm going to invest in the mist next, I've heard so great things about it! You definitely should! x

Unknown said...

Same, I've been using Cocoa Brown for ages now, before that it was Sally Hansen, I swap and change every so often. Looking forward to a review of the mist of you do one! I tried a spray tan mist before and by god the result was AWFUL! :( x

Unknown said...

Nothing worse than a bad spray tan! Oh I'll definitely review it.. I'm a disater with mists and when its a gradual tan too? Dangerous.. x

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