Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cleanse off Mitt | Review*

As a beauty blogger I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to try lots of new and exciting things. Most of which I to pay for myself but some are sent to me as PR samples. Today's review is of the 'Cleanse off Mitt'. I was sent this to try out before it launches later this month.

I have to say it is one of the products that I was and still am very excited to receive. I have very temperamental skin at the best of times. It is dry, acne prone and of late it has a tendency to get quite oily in my T-zone. (some of us just have all the luck don't we?)
As I mentioned in previous posts I am not massively concerned about what goes on my body however as my face is so sensitive I am a little more cautious with what I use on it and wipes are a big no, no!

For many face wipes are a beauty essential. While they may be convenient, these moist cloths are chemically-laden and so they have to be to last up to 18 months on the shelf. This requires ingredients such as Propylene Glycol and Phenoxyethanol. Both of which are skin irritants. As well as being irritating, high levels of alcohol and anti-bacterial agents can cause extreme dryness and PREMATURE AGING of the skin. Moral of the story? Wipes are bad!

The 'Cleanse off Mitt' however is different. It is a microfiber mitt designed to remove any and all traces of makeup and day to day grime without the need to use a cleanser. Just add warm water and wipe clean.

The microfibers are so teeny tiny that they can work even the heaviest of makeup (including mascara) off without irritating the skin making it especially good for those off us with sensitive skin. The tiny microfibers also make the mitt really soft - I'd urge anyone who uses a muslin or flannel to try the Cleanse off Mitt. It's softer!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well this little blue beauty worked. Without anything only water it took off all of my makeup including gel eyeliner and mascara. My skin felt fresh and clean afterwards, it wasn't red and irritated nor did it feel tight like it does after using some products.

On days where I am not wearing makeup I tend to be more laxidaisy about my skincare routine. I wash it morning and night but don't pay much attention to what i'm cleaning. The cleanse off mitt left nothing to my imagination and I could see the mitt was slightly discoloured from grime my face had picked up throughout the day. My skin looked brighter afterwards, radiant if you will. As a result, my bad skin days didn't seem so bad!

I could go on all day listing the pro's of this product but I'm pretty sure I'd bore you all to death so here are a quick few:
  • The Cleanse off Mitt is chemical free
  • It is reusable. It has a lifespan of 3-6 months.
  • It is ideal for travelling - perfect for freshening up on the plane (and no liquid restriction with it)
  • It won't irritate sensitive skin or those suffering from psoriasis, acne, rosecea etc.
  • It is cost effective (see below for my an example of my crazy maths skills)
  • It is perfect for people on the go, moms especially!!
  • Perfect for wipe users. It is as quick and gives a better cleanse
  • It is cheaper than its market competitor which is priced at €22 (Cleanse off Mitt is €5)
  • It can be used along side your favourite cleanser

Cost Efficiency:

The Mitt lasts on average 3-6months. So say your mitt lasts for 3 months, I got my thinking cap on and did some maths out of curiosity. How much on average could you save by binning the wipes?
  Say you have 3 x 30 day months. You use 2 wipes a day. That’s 60 wipes a month. A total of 180 wipes in the 3 months.  The most popular face wipe brands; Nivea, simple, garnier etc. are priced on average at €4 per packet of 25.
180/25 = 7.2 (round that down) Say you use 7 packets of wipes in the 3 month period.
At €4 per packet that totals €28.
The Cleanse off mitt costs €5 and is available from Beauty Emporium and will be available in pharmacies and shops in the coming weeks.

So by binning the wipes you will save on average €23 in 3 months. I can think of plenty better things to spend it on that wipes. Can you? 

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