Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And the award goes to..

I'm a self confessed fake tan fanatic and know a thing or two about tanning. Don't get me wrong, I've had about as many fake tan mishaps as I've had hot dinners over the years. I've learned my lessons the abrasive way, through relentless scrubbing trying to remove tar like tans in the past. 
I never lost sight my goal.. A natural, bronzed glow would be mine eventually. Below I've compiled a list of my fail safe BROWN not Orange tans. I like to mix it up and try new ones from time to time but will always revert to these.  So with further ado, the award for..

Best fake tan for Beginners: Cocoa Brown 'Gentle Bronze'. This tinted moisturiser is a great way to ease you into the world of fake tan. It has a light colour guide to ensure you don't miss any patches and because its a gradual tan, you get a hint of colour which you can build up over a number of days. It soaks in quickly, leaves skin feeling soft and has that gorgeous Tahitian Gardenia scent.

Best 'I got a spray tan' fake tan: Karora tinted self tan mist. Whether its a special event, a hot date or a big night out with the girls, we all love a spray tan. This tan is my secret weapon, my D.I.Y spray tan in a bottle. A gorgeous deep glow, one I always recommend to anyone going to a wedding as it will without a doubt look great all weekend long. While it is on the pricier side at €22, you'll easily get 10-12 full body applications with this verses 1 professional spray.

Best Last Minute Miracle Tan: Vita Liberata NKD SKN Matte wash off instant tan. This is my go to tan for a last minute decision  to head out with the girls. It isn't shimmery or glittery like some of the other instant tans on the market, it stays perfect as you dance the night away and as soon a you shower, its gone. Like it was never there to begin with.  Great for anyone who works in a hospital or kitchen as less face it, the remnants of last weekends fake tan can look unhygienic to say the least.

The perfect pairing for flawless pins: While these tans work just fine on their own, I find layering them creates optimum results. Although I don't bare my legs all that often, when I do I want feel confident and comfortable. For that I apply Wow Brown DIY tan to create a perfect even base, while it is not designed specifically for legs, I think of all the tans I've tried, it makes mine look their best. To cover any bumps, bruises or scarring I layer Cocoa Brown Lovely legs on top. It's a leg makeup, however unlike its counterpart it isn't powdery/cakey looking on the legs. Like a concealer for your legs it hides a multitude. 

Best fake tan for him:  He-shi 1hr rapid liquid tan. While it is the only tan on this list aimed at both men and women it isn't to say that that men can't use the rest of them either. However, after much testing with a male guinea pig (I mean friend obviously). This one topped the list. It's easy to apply, fuss free and doesn't smell like fake tan. This is the only tan of the lot that could be applied to the face as it didn't turn his 5 o'clock shadow ginger. 

Best Tinted Moisturiser:  Karora Gradual tan. This is my 'pick me up' product. If I'm ever having one of those days I'll apply this. It's an instant mood booster - for me anyway. It's probably down to the 'You're skin looks great' comments I get when I wear it. While it won't give that BAM! you're tanned look, it will give you're skin a healthy glow and sometimes that's just what you need.

Holy Grail Fake Tan: Cocoa Brown 1hr tan. I could not talk about tan and without mentioning/raving about this. When I initially posted the photo of all of my fake tan, I was asked: If I had to pick one, which would it be? While I love all of these tans, the decision was easy. Ever since I discovered it, it has been a staple and my stockpile never depletes. At very minimum I have 3 bottles within reaching distance in case of emergencies. What can I say? It has saved the day on more than one occasion. It's a foolproof, naturally bronzed tan in a can. It is so affordable, probably the most affordable tan on the market and has beat many a high end competitor to the post. You have no excuses not to try it. Do it.. DO IT NOW!! And thank me tomorrow. 

While I have not tried every tan on the market, I have tried my fair share of them and will continue to try new ones. As you can see a few brands popped up more than once, based purely on the fact that they work. They do exactly what they say they'll do and they are NOT orange.

Whats your favourite tan? Have I mentioned it? or is there any tan you would recommend trying that I haven't mentioned?

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