Saturday, March 12, 2016

IsaDora | Nude Sensation Fluid Foundation

 I've had this foundation in my stash for months. I received it at an event last year and used it a couple of times. I did like it at the time but my skin was in a really bad way - really dry and dehydrated. It would cling to the dry patches on my face and I quickly moved onto another foundation.
It's only in the past few weeks that I've rediscovered it and now that my skin has improved (slightly) I've been loving it.
IsaDora describe it as a 'super fluid foundation' with an 'airlight' finish and I have absolutely no reservations in whole-heartly agreeing with the statement.
It's very deceptive - the consistency is really watery but it's extremely pigmented with a medium-buildable coverage. The finish is slightly matte but the formula itself is hydrating so they kind of balance eachother out.
I love the matte look but because my skin is so dry naturally I've become accustomed to a dewier finish and find myself reaching for an illuminator without even thinking about it.
 It comes with a pipette despenser (or dropper) and 3-4 drops is more than enough to cover your whole face. I have it in the shade 10 Nude Porcelain and it's the closest match I think I've ever found to my own skin tone - I don't even need to blend it into my neck. It's slightly yellow toned too which I personally prefer. If you're a fan of Bobbi Brown bases I think you'll like it too!
They say you can apply it with your fingers but I'm a brush girl and have been using it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and then going back in with a sponge to make sure it's completely seamless - sheering it out under my eyes and across the bridge of my nose to let my newly discovered freckles show through.
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, it's what I've been wearing in all of my recent selfies and the comments speak for themselves. The finish is completely natural and it feels like I'm wearing nothing on my face.

As for price? It's in and around the €23 so it's a little bit pricier than your average chemist brand foundation but I'm getting 8-9 hours wear without the need for touch ups where I'd normally need to apply more powder to my t-zone after the 4th hour with another foundation.

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