Sunday, May 29, 2016

7 Questions from a Beauty Blogger to a Photographer

So as promised, 7 questions I've been dying to ask the photographer himself. You can find him @NOS_PHOTO on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

1.We all love a good selfie. What advice would you give to ensure we always get it right? 

Lighting is the key I feel. We’ve all seen a grainy selfie in the past, and that is down to the lack of light. Personally, I think natural light is the best light but a strong lightbulb should do the trick. And I mean strong… Bad lighting can make you look haggard and I don’t think anybody wants that look intentionally. It helps if your light source is above your face slightly too as it defines your natural features. 

Raise the camera above your face. Everyone looks better from this angle. If you place your phone below your face you end up looking chubbier than what you actually are. Make your natural jawline visible!

2. Any advice for getting comfortable in front of the camera? 

Be confident. If you’re nervous or tensed up when a photo is being taken, this is how you’ll appear in the photo. I know it sounds obvious but I think it happens more often than many care to admit. Best tip is to relax, trust whoever has the camera in their hands and be as natural as you can be. 

3. What photo editing apps are on your phone? 

Good question! None. I don’t like to over-edit photos especially on a mobile device. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I like to do editorial work on a desktop, especially when I have professional software!

4. How do you avoid red eye or those demon eyes when the flash is on? 

Turn it off. Flash should only be used when necessary. The flash itself is lighting the inside of your retina up hence causing redeye. The only solution not to avoiding redeye completely and using a flash it to look away from the light. 

5. #foodporn snaps? Yay or nay? 

Yay if you’re an avid cook. 
Nay if it’s something you’ve ordered in a restaurant. 

6. How do you avoid bounce back on mirrored products in photos? 

I think flashes are the biggest culprits here so avoid at all costs. Bare in mind too if you’re photographing a reflective surface, it’s going to reflect everything around you. Try and photograph in an environment with the least visual clutter around you. For example, try not to take a picture of a mirrored surface when you’re in a room with heavy-patterned wallpaper because that’s exactly what will appear on the surface. 

7. What's makeup look should we avoid if we're having our photo taken professionally?

Avoid makeup that makes you vulnerable or uncomfortable. As professionals we have the skills to photograph almost any makeup, whether you’re going for an editorial shoot or a natural maternity shoot. Wear what style that you feel looks best on you and they’ll make for the best photography.

If you haven't checked it out already, you can read part one here on Niall's blog where I answer some of his questions.

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