Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The time has come to 'bare arms'

So its that time of year again, although you'd hardly think it with the weather we've been having in Ireland. Its officially summer! Time to prep and preen your arms, legs and feet for the summer attire!..So no better time to do a quick review on some tans I've been trying out! 

I've had my fair share of tanning fails, whether it was streaking or looking every shade from 'lumo' orange to dirty brown! I found developer tans to be disastrous and instant tans just didn't give me the length I wanted and needed out of my tan. I mean after all it takes the same time to put on both, why shouldn't we get a few days out of it?

I'll be reviewing 2 tans today. Both are Irish! I'm all about supporting local, Unfortunately it isn't very often that Irish beauty products cause such a stir in the beauty world! 

The first is 'TanOrganic' created by Noelle O'Connor, it was featured on 'The Dragons Den', where 'Dragon' Gavin Duffy took an interest in the product, a year on and it is the most successful company to come out of 'The Dragons Den' and being honest I'm not surprised!

'TanOrganic' is completely natural and certified Organic. Noelle found a Niche in the market and has taken the fake tanning world by storm. 

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a bash.. 

On application it smells almost "citrusy", unfortunately that's where the sweet scent ends, I woke up the following morning with that awful fake tan smell! 
 It is a developer tan so I was anxious trying it at first, the thought of the streaks, orange elbows and knees.. But to my surprise there actually weren't any. Delighted! It looks so natural on and I received so many compliments while wearing it but again to my disappointment this tan transfers to clothing like no other - so avoid white like the plague if you are gonna try it out! 

Those of you into all natural/organic may well enjoy this tan but unfortunately it wasn't for me! I won't deny it's a good tan and I'm delighted that it has become so popular but for someone who isn't at all conscious about what she puts on her skin, I just can't comprehend repurchasing it at an RRP of €22.90!

The second tan I would like to mention is the massively hyped 'Cocoa Brown' 1 HOUR tan created by the Beautiful Marissa Carter. 

'Cocoa Brown' is an accelerated developer tan, meaning whether it is a light, medium or dark tan you are looking for, your perfect shade can be achieved within 3 hours!! 

*My desired result after approx 2hrs*

I have to say, I was slightly 'iffy' about trying this tan as is comes in a mousse form, after the 'St.Moriz' disaster, we won't even go there! BUT, my god am I glad that I did?

 I don't even know where to begin with this tan other than by saying it has quickly become my holy grail product! It is literally fool proof, like tanning for dummies! You could not make this product streak if you tried! 

There is no fake tan smell whatsoever, just the light floral scent of Tahitian Gardinia you are promised on the bottle. Of course it would take an Irish woman to be the first person to rid the world of that disgusting "biscuity" smell attached to regular fake tans!
 Your skin feels so soft and smooth after applying it and doesn't dry out which is a downfall of many other fake tans on the market! This product does not transfer and to top it all off, it is not tested on animals! How does she do it?
I've worn it 3-4 times at this stage and haven't even made a dent in the bottle not that it would break the bank to repurchase at just  €7 in Penneys it is an absolute BARGAIN!! 

 I will forever be in her debt because of this product - it truly is L-O-V-E!

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