Thursday, November 14, 2013

Champagne lifestyle. Lemonade wage | My spending ban

As of November 1st, I have been on a long overdue spending ban. In the past 14 days, tempted as I may have been I have not spent a single penny on anything makeup/beauty related. To say it hasn't been difficult would be an out and out lie. I have be itching to pick up something, anything new to play with. I have really put my willpower to the test this month - Why? 

I'm sure you are all sick to death hearing about my new found love of all things DIY with the installation of my Ah-mazing new wardrobe (thanks dad!). Installing it this month put a severe strain on the ole purse strings. It might have been a sensible idea to put a few bob away over the last few months considering I've been designing and redesigning it with absolute yonks but NO! Money has always and probably will always burn a huge hole in my pocket. As a result I'm learning how little I appreciate all the things I buy, use them a few times and toss them to the side when I splurge on something new and shiny. 

On clearing out my room, I found that I had acquired a stockpile, a long forgotten surplus of beauty bits that hadn't seen the light of day in months. I found NINETEEN Lipglosses!! |For someone who openly admits she is not a fan of lipgloss -  It was downright shameful! Reality hit home and I decided it had to stop. So for the month of November it has. I will not be making any beauty purchases between now and December 1st. Well outside of the necessities such as deodorant etc. (Obviously I will not let personal hygiene suffer as a result of the ban.)

I have decided to help me on my journey I would start a "Monthly Favourites". At the end of the month I will be doing my first post. It won't be a detailed review of all the products and I have no doubt some of them will have been mentioned in previous. However, if I do mention anything in a favourites blog that you would like reviewed. Please do not hesitate to ask I'd be more than happy to.

Once the ban is finished I have decided to enforce a new rule. I will not be purchasing a new product unless I have finished one for it to replace. Will it last? Who knows.. God loves a trier!

On a P.S: I will be getting my nails done on Saturday. It has been nearly SIX WEEKS since they have been seen to last and as a result I think my nail strength is suffering. I worked hard to get them to where they are at the moment and as much as I love DIY, my nails don't feel the same. I also feel that with my overwhelming urge to SPEND SPEND SPEND I may resort to biting and we can't have that now can we? 

Have any of you ever considered a spending? If so I'd love to hear how you got on. If not, has this post tempted you?


Cameron Childs said...

I so need to do this too! Great blog btw, I've given you a follow :) x

Anonymous said...

I’m currently on one, but only because I’ve no money. It’s then i see and want everything. But the great thing is it pushes you to look at what you already have and work with it!

GiveAPosy said...

Thanks a million Cameron! Glad you liked it! :) x

GiveAPosy said...

I know, I'm compiling a list of goodies I want at the moment! At least I have the excuse that christmas is coming. I have spent any money on beauty bits. Still managing to spend it though! x

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