Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brisa Lite by CND | My experience - First Treament

As I have previously mentioned I am both an ex gel nail wearer and a long time nail biter (since about the age of six or seven). So this blog is something I have been very excited to share with you all. As of July 13th 2013, I said goodbye to gel nail extensions and nail biting forever.. Hopefully! This was the day I started my 'Brisa Lite' treatment.

 I have been literally bursting to blog about it but I held off as I wanted to really put it through its paces! And trust me, I did! For those of you who aren't familiar with Brisa or haven't seen me mention it previously, I give a quick run down of what is involved in a previous blogpost.

Here is an example of just how weak my nails were before I started this treatment - Like if you cried (Sorry I couldn't help myself).

I was warned before starting the 'Brisa Lite' treatment that it is not for the faint-hearted and I had to be dedicated, if I was going to jump in and out of it then I was only wasting my own time and money. My appointments are about ten days apart but can vary, anything from seven to about fifteen days depending on what your nails require. The "Brisa Lite" course does not include colour but you can have anything you desire applied over it or just use a wet polish. I'm quite lazy and just down right useless when it comes to painting my own nails so I decided to have 'Gelish' applied on top of the Brisa, not only do they look gorgeous but I feel like it's an incentive. Who doesn't want pretty nails? Now there is a small bit of maintenance required on your part, including applying a daily application of a top coat and regularly using cuticle oil - it's really not that hard!

'Gelish' application in the shade "Radiance is my middle name"

I had my second visit yesterday and have to say I was massively impressed with my results. I am a bit of a klutz and tend to bang my nails off of things quite often, I have spent the last few days almost afraid to look at my nails after banging them but can't help but smile when I do. I did NOT break one nail in the first ten days and didn't have one chip which really impressed me as I am on a computer, tapping away all day in work and I come home and begin the tapping all over again! 

However, I'm pretty sure Olive, "my" nail tech (I say my in inverted comma's because unfortunately, she does not actually belong to me) was probably more surprised than I was with the condition of my nails, if it wasn't for my growth I could have probably gotten a few extra days out of them! My growth has been brilliant and when the 'Brisa' was removed I could already feel a difference, after one treatment my nails feel sturdier. I am still in shock. The prospect of having strong natural nails is something I thought I could only dream about after everything I have put them through over the years!

2nd application of Brisa with 'Gelish' in the shade "I'm brighter than you"

I'll be giving a full run down on the application/ treatment in a separate post in the next day or two but in the mean time just remember..


A massive thanks goes out to Olive from PiggysPinkiesWestCork for this introducing me to "Brisa Lite" and for the opportunity to share it with you all! Photos are by the very talented Niall of Niall O'Sullivan Photography. I really appreciate all the hard work!


Cocopops said...

Cool.. Where I'm from (HK) the nail salons provide either hard gel or soft gel (the latter being a bit more gentler for the nails as they only apply a primer/sculpting gel, have it cured and then apply the polish.. No shaving of the cuticle/nail bed & surface).. I have a feeling that Brisa Lite is kind of the same thing....

Cool though! Love your blogs :):):)

Unknown said...

Ya thats pretty much the same as Brisa Lite! I can't get over the strength of my nails since starting the course and I have 2 more treatments to go!! Thanks for the comment I really appreciate the love :) x

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