Friday, August 9, 2013

Brisa Lite | My Experience - Second Treament

Hi All,

I hope you're all in good health! Today's post is just a quick update on my treatment- Brisa Lite treatment that is. 

I had my second application removed on Friday last and the results are mind boggling. My nails are completely unaffected by the treatment to date. The only difference is in length and strength.
 Like I mentioned previously length was something I struggled with as a nail biter and something I thought I could never achieve. Fortunately for me, Brisa Lite has come to my rescue and I actually had to ask for my length to be reduced in my last appointment. I have found a length that suits both me and my lifestyle with the added bonus of longer looking fingers - what a dream!

Not bad for ten days right? As for strength. It feels as though my nail cells have doubled in the last few weeks. I no longer look at them in fear when I bang them and just go out my day as normal. I can put pressure on them and they do not bend. I think is safe to say I am in awe!!
During this weeks appointment, it was decided that I no longer needed the application of the sculpting gel as nails no longer need the support, instead just a layer of the smoothing gel (this is due to the slight indentations in my natural nail - a direct result of wearing gel nails). 
To say it was a boost was an understatement. I was so confident that I decided, with a little persuasion on Olive's part to add a little "bling" with a glittery accent nail. Which might I add is so not me.. Turns out I love a little sparkle. Blogging is turning me into a real girly girl and I have no real choice but to embrace it!

This week's nails consisted of 'THE WHITE NAIL' look I have literally been obsessing over all summer long, with an added "Disco Ball" accent nail. One that is proving quite popular among my readers. Have I set a new trend? Am I now a trend-setter? Who knows!? 
I have to say, white nails are far more manageable than I could have imagined, because they are so white it actually looks like I have a natural tan and although I do have quite a bit of growth it is hardly noticeable - well not unless you look for it anyway!

Here they are, for those of you who haven't seen them. Getting my nails done and reading the most recent edition of ELLE magazine. It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it!!

Thanks again to Olive of Piggys Pinkies West Cork and to Niall O' Sullivan Photography for the photographs. 

Rebecca x

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