Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Lovely Lady experience at the Cocoa Brown Blogger Event

In case you didn't know.. Or have been living under a rock for the past few weeks. I attended my first ever Blogger event last weekend! I was literally bursting with excitement ever since I got the invite and I couldn't have been happier that it was a Cocoa Brown get together. Along with all the excitement, I was quite anxious as I haven't been blogging very long (since May) and I was going to be meeting some of the biggest bloggers in the country.

The event or the "Lovely ladies afternoon tea" as it was described on the invite was to be held in The Radisson Blu St. Helens hotel in Dublin on Saturday last with a dress code of Pink (of course!).
As I was going to be traveling to Dublin at all I decided to make a weekend out of it and booked myself into the hotel for the night as a treat for my early start and with the intention of spending Sunday searching for a dress for my 21st Birthday which is only a few weeks away (I'm still on the search by the way..). 

The whole morning was a coffee fueled blur if I'm totally honest and a bit of a rush to ensure I arrived to the hotel with enough time to make myself presentable with just enough time to poke around the room before nervously making my way down to the 'Orangerie' where the event was to take place. I was absolutely starstuck on meeting THE Marissa Carter and her wonderful Cocoa Brown Team (Ashling and Sarah) unfortunately we didn't get to meet the lovely Stephanie but I'm sure we will. 
The whole event felt very personal, we got to know exactly where Cocoa Brown began and a little about each of the lovely ladies. Marissa herself made a very heartfelt and emotional speech - thanking the Irish beauty bloggers for their reviews and support for the product from the get go. This is where the tears stopped however and the fun really began. We were absolutely spoilt on the day with spot prizes and vouchers and a lovely No.7 goodie bag. All of this before we tucked into all the treats, lovingly prepared by the Radisson Staff. The put such a massive amount of effort into the day down the detailed watermelon sculpture and the pink "CB" initialed on the tiny treats. 
The room screamed girly glamour, the tables adorned with pink Gerbera's and Sachets of Cocoa Brown 'Tough Stuff' along with Cocoa Brown iPhone covers for us all! Cute little quote's about tea scattering around the room. So much thought was put into the whole day -It was fabulous!

Along with saying a massive thank you to Marissa, Sarah and Ashling for having me. I have to say a massive thank you to YOU! Without you reading my blog and being as supportive as you are I would not have had this opportunity. I really cannot thank you all enough, it means the world to me really. (I'm having my own Anne Hathaway moment now!!) You have made it possible for me to meet some incredible people who all share a common interest and for that I am very grateful!

Until next time.. x

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