Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Scrub | Review

I am a Cocoa Brown Fanatic! There is no denying that... But what happens when the time comes to tone down the tan? Whether you're going back to work or simply preparing your skin for the next application a good scrub is a necessity.
I was lucky enough to be sent some of Cocoa Brown's latest creation. 'Tough Stuff' scrub is the latest and greatest from our very own Marissa Carter. What you get is a sachet filled with vibrant girly pink goodness, with the light gardenia scent associated with cocoa brown - A girly girls dream!

I have tried my fair share of scrubs over the years and have been less than impressed with the majority. As I have stated in a previous post I find myself going back to my own home-made scrub. But there is something different about 'Tough Stuff', maybe its the runny consistency or the tiny scrubbing particles. Whatever it is - it works! 
To be honest, when I first saw the product I was a bit iffy about it. A sachet? Really? Would that be enough? I'm no size 6 supermodel after all! I have to say I have been more than impressed with it! This sachet has scrubbed me from head to toe twice already both before and after my last application of Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan (My personal favourite) with enough scrub left to remove my next application- Success!
The scrub is recommended for the rough area's such a feet, elbows and knees and although it is non invasive it is not recommended for the face. I used it all over the night before applying my tan and it left my skin absolutely glowing, dare I say radiant even? Silky smooth, the perfect canvas for my tan.
 When applying the tan you could feel the difference, I mean Cocoa Tan is fool proof but after scrubbing with tough stuff? It just seemed to glide on more smoothly than before. I was left with a perfect, even golden brown tan!

           (The lighter patch on my hand is down to lighting - I would not leave the house with a white patch on my hand)

 However, it wouldn't really be a proper review if I didn't have something to work with so solely for the intention for review I had to let my tan get a little funky! 

(Be warned there are feet to come!!) 
Here is a before and after of the tan on my feet - as you can see Tough Stuff brings your skin back to the harsh reality with a bang. Pasty white once more!

When removing the tan I applied the scrub to my dry skin working it into the areas that needed it most then jumped into the shower and using a mitt I gave my skin an all over buff and I was ready to apply again the next morning, It really is as easy as that! The scent in the shower makes the daunting task almost desirable and doesn't leave your skin feeling raw! I really cannot praise it enough and I hope it gets the appreciation it deserves. 

All I want to know now is when the rest of the Cocoa Brown Bath and Body products are going to be on our shelves as I have no doubt that there is plenty more to come.

I am also very excited to be one of a few invited to meet the lady herself. I will be traveling to Dublin on Saturday next to meet Marissa and some of the lovely Irish beauty bloggers I come to know over the past few months! I will have my camera at the ready so expect loads of snaps! I will even be braving PINK nails for the occasion!!

Although Cocoa Brown's 'Tough Stuff' isn't widely available throughout Ireland just yet, you can pick it up for €2.99 on Cloud10beauty or for those of you a little further afield you can get 2 sachets for just £4.50 on FeelUnique

Happy Tanning! x

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