Monday, July 22, 2013

Budget Beauty - DIY Body Scrub | How To

As we all know it's really nice to get a gift set full of lotions and potions and they make it so tempting to go out and repurchase some if not all of the stuff inside of them. I myself am guilty of this but these products can be so expensive!! The scrubs are probably my favorite treat in these sets as we all LOVE to have silky smooth skin and don't get me wrong the majority of them smell divine and do what they say they're going to do, But are they really worth the repurchase price?

Soap and Glory for example!? A "full size" (300mls) retails for about €12.00... Not that bad? Maybe not.. But as good as these scrubs may or may not be - I always find myself going back to my good ole reliable home made body scrub and it never fails to impress me!

It literally takes minutes and is so cheap to make!

What you need: 

  • A bag of sugar (anything but caster sugar as you want it to be grainy)
  • Baby oil or alternatively coconut oil depending on your preference
  • Shower gel (whichever one you like)
  • a spoon
  • a container to mix and store it in afterwards

How To: You take one part shower gel (I always use a lemon scented shower gel as its a really refreshing scent, especially if you're scrubbing off fake tan from the night before) to two parts oil (again baby oil or coconut oil) and mix them together in the container. Then you add in your sugar in until it becomes a thick, "gloopy" consistency. The more sugar you add the grainier it becomes.


It's as simple as that! 

Why it worksI ALWAYS use this scrub when I'm prepping my skin to apply fake tan. You have your shower the night before and get all your shampooing and shaving out of the way. Then taking an exfoliating mitt, liberally apply it and scrub! The oil helps to break down the particles of any old tan. This gives you a fresh canvas to work with and means you won't have any build up or patchiness. It also saves time as the oil is so moisturizing that using a body lotion afterwards is completely optional.

 My TOP TIP for using the scrub is to work in circular motions. DO NOT be rough with it as this will not make your skin any softer, it will only make it red and irritated. Instead, move the mitt along the skin faster and you will be left with super soft skin that has a radiant glow. 

And last but by no means least - Don't forget to give the shower a rinse when your done as you don't want the next person in the shower to hurt themselves. Do you?

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